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Christmas post – one of four multi-day fasts of the Orthodox Church – continues from November 28 to January 6 inclusive. Fasting is not only a time of abstinence from a particular kind of food, and often go to the temple. If the rhythm of life does not allow to be on duty each day, what days are best to choose?

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Fast table

The observance of advent in relation to food is relatively easy. In the 33rd Chapter of the Typicon, in which we are talking about all the posts of the year, it is proposed such a scheme: on Saturdays and Sundays fish is allowed on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – food with oil and wine, Wednesday and Friday – xerophagy. If on a weekday gets memory slavoslovie or polylang St., on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are allowed to fish on Wednesday and Friday – oil and wine. If on the eve or Friday all night vigil is celebrated, in those days fish is allowed.

In the same book in the instructions of November 14 (the day before lent in the Church calendar), you can find more strict regulations which fish is allowed only on Saturdays and Sundays, the Introduction in temple Presvjatoj of the virgin and in 9 days, when is celebrated the memory of great saints, if they will come on Tuesday or Thursday. Since January 2, according to this version of the Charter, the fish can not be eaten at all. It also contains a reference to an even more stringent Statute.

Such discrepancies are associated with the presence of two traditions – a softer more strict Studite and Jerusalem. Jerusalem Charter – the Charter of hermit-monks, involves a strict fast and a longer service – eventually became dominant in the Church, but to the realities of modern life closer studion Charter, developed by the urban monks of the monastery.

In fact, the majority of Orthodox Christians do not delve into these subtleties and eat fish every day except Wednesdays and Fridays, when transferred to food oil. In eve (the Eve of Christmas – January 6) the meal comes once in the evening (or after the Liturgy), without oil.

However, not so interesting food features of the post, as the liturgical.

Worship advent

December 4 – Introduction in Temple Presvjatoj of the virgin, on the eve of the all night vigil is celebrated. Introduction – the feast of, one of the most revered. This day is celebrated as the all-pure mother of God at the age of three, Joachim and Anna brought to the temple and dedicated him to God.

The feast of the presentation of the virgin in the temple the temples at the vigil, during the anointing begin to sing Christmas Canon – read more: Irmoses of the Nativity: history and translation

The vigil service is celebrated as the day before:

18 Dec – the memory of the PDP. Sava The Sanctified

19 Dec – the memory of SVT. Nicholas – the so-called “Nikola Winter”

Polyeleos happens the day before:

29 Nov – the memory of the Apostle and Evangelist Matthew

2 Dec – the memory of SVT. Filaret Of Moscow

December 6 – commemoration of St. blgv. kN. Alexander Nevsky / SVT. Mitrophan Of Voronezh

December 10 – celebration in honour of icon Bozhiej of Mother “the Sign” (can be done vigil)

13 Dec – the memory of the Apostle Andrew

17 Dec – the memory of the Vic. Barbara

26 Dec – the memory of martyrs. Everest, Auxentius, Eugene, and Orestes Margaria

January 2 – commemoration of St. rights. John Of Kronstadt

3 January – the memory of SVT. Peter Moscow

As a rule, the polyeleos takes place on the eve of the memory of St. Vic. Catherine 7 Dec (in Churches, except the Russian – 8 Dec). Also posielanie and Bennie service can be performed before the memory of the local saints and the saints, in whose honor the consecrated temple.

31 December in churches of the Russian Orthodox Church serve as a new year’s prayer. In recent years, in many churches there was a tradition to make the Liturgy new year’s eve – lets spend the civic holiday and happy, and good for the soul.

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January 2 marks Predprazdnichnoy Christmas. The next day begins a strict fast.

On 6 January, Christmas Eve, the Royal hours are read normally, and after – Vespers with Liturgy of St. Basil the Great (Charter its supposed to serve in the afternoon, but in the Russian Church is not practiced).

On Christmas eve all night vigil is celebrated. The early Liturgy of the Nativity of Christ occurs, as a rule, at night.

In some churches the Liturgy and serve on all other days: for example, in the Church of St. Maron the Hermit in Moscow on the night of 18 December (the memory of the PDP. Sava The Sanctified).

Confessions of a Christmas post

Lent – a time of more fervent prayer and deep confession. Practised in most churches at each evening service, but better to know in advance the time of the confession in his temple.

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Christmas markets

To buy gifts for loved ones, not only in stores but on Christmas markets, which year by year becomes more and more. Many fairs all or most of the proceeds go to charity.

Christmas Nativity scenes

Christmas in churches and Sunday schools are arranged Nativity scenes. In many cities, exhibitions of Nativity scenes, allowing you to get acquainted with the best traditions and the most beautiful compositions.

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