African American pastors are being bullied on the Internet after the meeting with trump

A group of African American pastors came under attack for a meeting with President Donald trump to discuss prison reform. Hundreds of Christians afroamericanas accused the pastors that they sold to the President. Some of the pastors decided to respond to the allegations.

The reaction was fast and furious. She was poured out in social networks immediately after the President asked John gray, the pastor of a mega-Church in Greenville, South Carolina, to start the meeting at the White house with prayer.

Gray together with a small group of African-American and Spanish pastors were invited to meet with President trump, to discuss the attempt of the reformation of the American prison system and other issues. But on their meeting, many responded negatively. Among those there were other African American Christians who were called pastors and other participants in “shameless” and “insignificant” due to the fact that they agreed to participate in this meeting. Hundreds of people poured out their discontent to the pages of gray in social networks. “You make me so disappointed,” wrote one person on instagram. Another said: “I lost respect for him as a shepherd.”

Gray, a critical attitude to immigration and other policies of the administration, after meeting with the President were posted on social networks a video where he defends his decision.

“I didn’t go there as a politician and was not with partisan rhetoric. I’m not a Democrat, not a Republican and not independent. I’m a Christian. If someone thinks he is above having to pray for the people that don’t always agree, then you have no heart of Christ,” he said.

However, other African-American preachers accuse gray and others that they “sold out” and began to “dance to the tune of the” President, substituting African-American community. Most of the negativity for his words at the meeting with President trump received the pastor of the revival center “New spirit” Darryl Cattle from Ohio.

“The truth is — and I’m willing to say that at our table, this President better than the rest refers to African Americans. I’m trying to analyze people that you date. The current President wants to prove something to our community, which is based on faith and ethnicity. The previous President thought he didn’t need to prove anything that we give him the nod,” says Scott.

Pastor and Evangelical leader Bishop Harry Jackson were also present at the event. He said that despite harsh criticism, believe that did the right thing: “it is Impossible to be a prophet to the culture from outside of the room. Many of those who came to the meeting, aware that they will be misunderstood, will no longer respect and begin to condemn, but they still came.”

President trump said that his meeting with the pastors of the suburb was one of many steps his administration is taking to address the issue of reform of the prison system in the country.

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