“After the accident, I lived as a plant, ate and slept” – and then became a champion

“Woke up in intensive care, thought, feet there, you can stand up, touch – and they are not.” Irek Zaripov was 17 years old lost both legs. And now four-time champion Paralympic winter games, the father of the two children competes with the usual dads at children’s parties after all, it’s not fair for a professional athlete.

Irek Zaripov

  • Tommy Molitor: Every morning I cried and screamed
  • “Get up and go that you never will,” said the doctor
  • Why think about why I’m in a wheelchair, if you can just live
  • “Oli sore feet and not the head – she doesn’t need evaluation out of pity”
  • The rapid life of a person in a wheelchair

The truck dragged him for about 40 metres – but he still held not to fall under the wheels

With 12 years Irek Zaripov dreamed about a motorcycle, but I had hoped that would be its owner. And now at the age of 14 to his own delight thanks to the parents he became the owner of a brand new “Sunrise”. However, it was necessary to wait until 16 years to get behind the wheel.

– Sensation, when I started to go – indescribable – says Irek. – Circle immediately changed, made new friends, such as passionate about motorcycles the people.

He planned that the machine would become his profession after the ninth grade went to school to become a mechanic and studied at the “excellent”.

And in 2000, seventeen-year-old Irek, going through six months in the army, was driving on the highway and was trying to overtake the truck MAZ. The driver didn’t see him in the mirror, there was a clash and a young man with a motorcycle came under the multi-ton machine.

The truck driver did not immediately realize what had happened, almost forty feet dragged me. I clung to the last bike, not to be under the wheels of a truck, but the strength is not enough, hands relaxed, I fell under the front wheel. The driver heard a grinding noise under the cab and stopped.

With mobile phones it was not very, Irek lucky drove past the firefighters: they were able to give him first aid and take him to Sterlitamak, without legs, which remained under the car.

The doctors thought to try to save the second and the aircraft to deliver Irek to Ufa, but realized there’s no time, he lost about 3.5 liters of blood, condition critical.

– Woke up three days later in intensive care. Thought I have legs, can stand, touch, and feet no. The driver, by the way, didn’t even come, did not apologize. As a result, parents of five years, sued the driver and the organization that owned the car. Did I try to turn things around, said I was drunk, but I’m after the accident, but took tests and prove the lie was easy, although witnesses bought. But in the end the parents won, and the driver and the organization were found guilty.

Pulled the stroller up the stairs, fell, climbed into the carriage and again drove

– Of course, I was asking God questions: “Why I stayed, what I need?” Then, of course, it is understood that if there is, why it is necessary we should live.

Understand that Irek immediately. The accident occurred in the summer, at home it turned out to be for the New year.

– The world has changed completely. Left the house – the grass was green, I pulled around the snow. As a baby, had to relearn everything – to move around the house, take care of themselves. Parents changed the apartment we from the fifth floor moved to the third. The street still came out rare, though, and tried. But in General, lived as a plant – eating and sleeping.

Two years has gone from Irek to accept the situation, accept yourself. He began to think what to do to provide for themselves: to be a burden to parents didn’t.

For starters have experienced the ways of the descent from the third floor. Move out in a wheelchair straight up the stairs, fell, climbed into the carriage and again on the way down. Or in sitting position, pulling the stroller behind him.

– Well, that is dirty, but himself! I don’t care what others look at me. Home well – descended without assistance!

First Irek prevented tactless views on the street, finger pointing and feeling that he is not like the others. It seems it was in some other life.

– Previously, society was different. I remember as a child to see a man in a wheelchair was something unusual. I was sure I ran to my mother: “Give me money, I give uncle!” Mostly it was on the market and a person in a wheelchair begging.

Today, people in wheelchairs more opportunities to go out, to go somewhere. And any views I do not notice. Was better with the accessible environment.

Freedom of movement and gives driving a car.

In 2005 my parents bought the car VAZ-2111, father put in manual control, and I had the car gradually began to take away, – smiles Irek. – “Dad, then I’ll buy you a car,” I said, and a year later bought him a Hyundai, and the five years spent on his father’s. Just get used to one machine, and only in 2010, after Vancouver (in 2010 in Canada, held a winter Paralympic games “Pravmir”), changed it to a foreign car.

But it will be later in the future. Then, deciding to act, Irek tried to work the operator on the phone was wrong. Two years studied on courses of programming.

Cap Michael Phelps

In 2003 I was offered to play sports, to participate from our city society of persons with disabilities in the weightlifting competitions. For me it was stress. Imagine somewhere to go, especially to another city. But when I arrived, I saw that same problem, like me, have many people. I used to think that I am alone in the world.

And here we begin to discuss how to improve the wheelchair, and how to overcome steps, I was taught to hold balance. Then learned the steps to get through the border to jump – passed a course of the young fighter. I was engaged in before the injury, went to the section on skiing in the winter and in the summer played for the school basketball, was engaged in Sambo. And then competed, won and became the champion of Bashkiria in weightlifting, and all – began sports career.

After returning home, Irek told the parents: “All know what to do!”

Began work on yourself, on your body, daily training and monthly travel on all passing events. Two years, the athlete was taken for all kinds of sports: swimming, weightlifting, athletics, skiing and so on. The main thing – not to sit at home.

– When he came home with medals, saw parents proud of me. And felt not a burden, but useful. Plus, of course, communication around the world. After two years at home I saw that the world does not stand still, it is, therefore, to develop and grow and I have!

Followed by sports victories, Russian first, then the world. Including four gold medals in the Paralympic games in Vancouver in 2010 biathlon and cross-country.


One of the sports idols of Irek Zaripov – Michael Phelps, American swimmer, the only one in the history of sport 23-time Olympic champion.

– Once trained with athletes from his team. I asked if I could somehow get an autograph of the athlete? In the end, he sent me me a picture with his personal autograph, which hangs on my wall and a cap for swimming.

One of the memorable moments of sports life was the opening of the Universiade in Kazan in 2013, when I lit the fire with other athletes…

And Irek graduated from Economics and law College, then the Sterlitamak Institute of physical culture, and then received the second higher – trained as a specialist in public relations.

Vancouver. 2010

He is now the Deputy, Deputy Chairman of the education culture, sport and youth policy of the State Assembly – Kurultai of Bashkortostan Republic. Oversees, of course, sports.

Chat with Irek Zaripov is not always easy: he meets with people, mostly with disabilities who turn to him with a request to suggest how to solve certain issues. Someone asks for advice on how to install in the homes of the city’s ramps, where to apply, someone on improvement of living conditions, some on employment.

– Come and retired. We are two years, one normal retirement beat, for some reason, he understated the documents collected… people Ask questions in social networks, but mainly I can tell what the law in a particular case should be handled and so on.

There are probably people who criticize me for not able to help, but, alas, not always possible to do it!

We have one, and their three children – will think about this issue?

With his future wife Irek met in school before the accident: they met at the town school tree. He was 15, she was 14 years old.

Wedding Irek

As usual get to know students? Each other tripped. Met, and – all, no meetings, walks.

Again only met in 2006, exchanged phone numbers, began to call, Irek suggested to meet. When he went to fees – corresponded, wrote SMS-Ki. In 2007 they decided to be together, and in may 2008 they had a son.

Irek wife

– For a short time lived with my parents, but after Turin (the capital of the winter Paralympics in 2006 – “Pravmir”) I just got a Studio apartment. Made repairs and moved in. Lena I have done, I always know that I have a reliable rear. At home I was gone for a long time – eight months of the year. But this is what I warned len, as soon as we started Dating: I am an athlete and this is my life.

When Helen was waiting for the firstborn, Irek was released with charges by as much as 3.5 months.

– Of course, the birth of a son – a very happy event in my life. But most of all I know that remember? When he went down. Went to the training camp, he was still crawling. Come, open the door and the wife says: “my dad’s here, come and meet!” I go home, it’s joyful Inure on their wonky legs running towards me.

In 2010 Sharipovich have a daughter Diana. In fact, the couple thought that they would have one child.

But we went to the training camp in Finland – says Irek, – look at all Finns in the two or three children. He returned, telling his wife: “we, the Ainur, and their three children. Maybe we should think about this question?”.

With the usual dads a professional athlete is not competing

Irek Zaripov of sports has gone, but the sport itself supports still. Three to four times a week she goes to the gym, working for two hours. Recently participated in the championship of Bashkortostan in weightlifting, took third place.

Son Sharipovich swims since the age of five, he has a Junior level. Daughter two years was engaged in artistic gymnastics, but this year finished – something she didn’t like and the parents don’t want to make.

– I, like many professional athletes, is not very eager to send their children to give to professional sports. Amateur yeah, Amateur healthier and professional so many injuries, so many diseases! I my ailments over the past four years cured, but it was, of course, difficult. So the child wants, nothing can be done, and if not wanted, then don’t. From September she will go dancing to do.

Meeting in school to children goes mom: dad uncomfortable to climb stairs. But he takes an active part in school life. For example, is helping to organize a “Dad and me – sports family”. The purpose of the events is to leave mom home to relax, and fathers with children involved in fun starts, pull the ropes… Irek sitting in the jury, otherwise it will be unfair if a professional athlete will begin to compete with conventional dads.

– I don’t regret, don’t look back – says Irek. – The past is the past, move forward, set goals. I had a goal of becoming a professional athlete, to conquer Olympus sports, I was captivated. Then the goal is to become a Deputy, and I did.

Moreover, I constantly feel the support of dear friends. Every moment spent with family is happiness. We celebrate New year, birthdays, just dinner all together and go walk in the Park – because of just such moments and it is important, that it helps to go through life!

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