Continuing the theme of a U.S. presidential election this year, talk about a spiritual component. We are joined by Dr. Roots, Becker, Dean of the faculty of theology at the Regent University.

MHN: Dr. Becker, at the time of the election you were also glued to the TV and looked at the map. You said you felt a shift somewhere around nine o’clock in the evening.

Roots Bekker, Regent University:
Do. I just couldn’t go to sleep without watching TV. And I believe God heard the prayers of His people.

MAN: Evangelical Christians have really played a huge role in this election. And, as you said, God answered our prayers. But what now? What would you say to evangelicals? What do we do now?

There are a number of things we need to do. First, I think America will have to educate ourselves. We must help our people to understand what democracy is. Secondly, I believe we need the lessons of Christian education — to learn to communicate with each other. In addition, I think we need to revive the culture support our government in prayer. And my personal opinion is that one of the most important tasks in society is to protect the most vulnerable and weak. Namely, unborn children. We are continuing to experience a period of mass killings, in fact, the genocide in this country. And the Church somehow aloof from this problem in recent years. And I think now is the time to act. We can stand up and say: “the Unborn will no longer be unprotected.” It’s time to do it.

MHN: I Think the issue of abortion played a key role in these elections.

You are absolutely right.

MAN: now, However, there is a risk that the Church will calm down, relax, deciding that since we won, we don’t need to do anything. And we even got a letter from a woman in which she wrote: “I am Afraid, the victory trump will cause many to think that America is already “fixed”. What do you say about this?

No, no, the work only now begins. And if we look at the results of both parties, in a sense, this vote was a vote of no confidence to both parties. In fact, Donald trump has acted as an outsider. And one of the reasons is that none of the parties are not educated leader. Now we have to think about the future. In America so many problems that require solutions. Take, for example, the issue of freedom of religion or understanding of individual responsibility, which must be revived.

MIN: Now we see protests on the streets. And they take a rather brutal form. Many people cry to God. How the Church can resolve this huge separation? Our country is really divided.

Jesus said: “a House divided against itself will not stand.”
It’s time the Church and America to come together and ask the question: “Who are we? What we really have in common?” And the Church actually can play a leading role. And, again, there will be some useful lessons in good manners!

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