Alexander Solzhenitsyn – life and death in photos

100 years ago, was born Alexander Solzhenitsyn. We did a little photoblog about his life and death.

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Parents – Isaac S. and Taisiya Zakharovna

Little Sasha Solzhenitsyn

High school graduation Solzhenitsyn

Student years

The great Patriotic war


After the liberation. Exiled Solzhenitsyn in Kazakhstan. Photo:

1957 Job as a teacher of physics and astronomy in the school № 2 city of Ryazan. Photo:

Alexander Solzhenitsyn in 1965

With his wife Natalia. 1972

With children. Last summer at Home. Firsanovka, 1973

Solzhenitsyn at a press conference in Zurich, shortly after being deported from the USSR in 1974

Alexander Solzhenitsyn signed his book in Switzerland in 1974

The Nobel ceremony. Stockholm, 1974

The cover of TIME magazine: Alexander Solzhenitsyn. 25 Feb 1974

Solzhenitsyn plays tennis at Norwich University in Northfield, Virginia, 1975. Photo: Associated Press

Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Jesse Helms in Washington, D.C., June 1975. Photo: In The Heart Of Jesse Helms

Life in the city of Cavendish, United States

Harvard speech Solzhenitsyn, 1978

During a visit to Eton College, may 1983. Photo: Georges De Curly / Getty Images


Alexander Solzhenitsyn and his wife Natalia in 1991 in celebration of the bicentenary of the Cavendish

John Paul II meets with Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Vatican city, 1993

Arrival at the airport of Vladivostok on may 27, 1994, after 20 years of exile. Photo: AFP

Solzhenitsyn and his wife Natalya are walking around the city surrounded by local police. Photo: AFP

During a trip to Russia. Blagoveshchensk, Far East Russia. Photo: Wojtek Laski / Getty Images


Ulan-Ude, Republic Of Buryatia. Photo: Wojtek Laski / Getty Images

Before the concert in honor of his 80th birthday in Moscow in 1998. Photo: Viktor Korotayev / Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin visiting Solzhenitsyn in his suburban home. September 2000. Photo: AFP

Visit to Solzhenitsyn Russian President Vladimir Putin, 2007 Photo: RIA Novosti / Reuters

Farewell and funeral service

Children leave flowers at the gate of the house of Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the outskirts of Moscow

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