All-Ukrainian Council of churches will hold a rally in Kiev in defense of the family

On Saturday, June 2, in Kiev, thousands of citizens will gather to participate in the annual national March in defense of the rights of children and families, which will be held under the slogan: “Happy family — healthy country!”
The marchers, led by the heads of Churches and religious organizations will March in the downtown of the capital from St. Sophia square to Constitution square near the Verkhovna Rada


This year the all-Ukrainian March in defense of the rights of children and families will be held for the third time. The action was initiated by the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations (AUCCRO) with the support of public and charitable organizations of Ukraine.

The goal of the March is to draw the attention of society and authorities on the moral and spiritual foundations of the family and marriage as the Union of a man and woman, necessary for the harmonious upbringing and healthy development of children.

“According to recent opinion polls, 98.6% of the Ukrainian put family first in their priorities. At the same time, the family is the most valuable among all Ukrainian social and personal benefits, according to the Razumkov Center,” — said the organizers.

All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations (AUCCRO) was established in December 1996 as an interfaith organization to unite the efforts of religions to promote spiritual revival of Ukraine and coordination of inter-Church dialogue in Ukraine and abroad
The Council comprises 16 churches and religious organizations, including Orthodox, Greek-and Roman-Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical churches as well as Jewish and Muslim religious associations and 1 inter-Church organization. Therefore, the Council of Churches represents about 95% of all religious organizations in Ukraine


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