All-Ukrainian March in defense of children and families will again be held in Kiev

June 2, thousands of citizens of Ukraine will be held on the Central streets of the capital to draw attention to family values. Annual procession will be held under the slogan: “Happy family — healthy country!”

“Ukraine is long overdue the issue of increasing the level of public family policy. After all, the authorities together with the public should not stand in the side of those pressing issues as surrogate motherhood, promotion of abortion, the lack of infrastructure for families with children and also for the inclusive education of children with disabilities, increase of divorces, etc.” — said on the website of the Council.

In addition, the protesters will Express their disagreement with the legislative promotion of ideas of gender ideology, which distorts the concept of “gender” and “gender equality”. According to the organizers, this policy promotes unnatural same-sex relations immoral and corrupting children.

The event will start with a concert program, and then at 11.00 participants of the rally held on St. Sophia square in the center of the capital to the square of Constitution near the Verkhovna Rada.

The procession will be headed by the heads of Churches and religious organizations.

This year, interfaith all-Ukrainian March in defense of the rights of children and families will be held for the third time. The action was initiated by the all-Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations and with the support of public and charitable organizations of Ukraine.


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