This week Americans celebrate the Bible. This process has even been joined by the Congress, referring to Holy Scripture during the National week of the Bible.

“Mr. speaker, it is the Bible! It tells about the greatness of God!” — exclaims Jody Hayes, a member of the house of representatives from Georgia (Republican party).

The Congress noted that in America this year 75 times celebrates National week of the Bible. In this regard, several members of the house of representatives decided to share their favorite Scriptures.

“But in the law of the Lord him, and on His law he meditates day and night!” — quoted Psalm 1 Tim Wahlberg, a member of the house of representatives from Michigan (Republican party).

The sponsor of the event was made by a member of the house of representatives from Colorado (Republican party) Doug Lamborn.

“President Abraham Lincoln once said of the Bible: “This great book, I think the best gift that God has endowed man,” he says.

The head of the National Bible Association said the “CBN News” that Americans need to be reminded that the Bible is and it is of great importance.

“Probably only a third of us regularly read the Bible. Therefore, it is important to stop and remember that she is a true gift. People in the Soviet Union, with whom I worked, had no Bibles. They had to meet somewhere in the woods or in secret gatherings, and thus to share the Word of God,” says Richard Glickstein, President of the National Bible Association.

“The Bible gives hope in adverse circumstances and is a source of strength”, says Virginia Foxx, a member of the house of representatives from North Carolina (Republican party).

National week of the Bible — not just a ceremony or event. This persistent reminder all over the country about the importance of the Bible. Because it changes lives. Moreover, as mentioned in the gospel of John, the Word is God.

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