Last week the world said goodbye to the Evangelist Billy Graham. President trump and religious leaders from across the country came to Charlotte, North Carolina to join family and friends at Graham funeral ceremony. A report from the event.

“All of us, his children, seen the world and our heavenly Father’s eyes my father,” he said during a farewell ceremony Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham.

“I married one man – it was New year’s eve, and within 24 hours realized that he had made a terrible mistake. What will I tell dad? What do you say mom? But when I got out of the car, dad takes me in his arms and said, “Welcome home,” said the daughter of the great Evangelist.

“I’m sure it is a signal from heaven. I believe that God says, “Wake up, Church. Wake up, world. Wake Up, Ann. Jesus goes. Jesus is coming”. I promise you, dad, in front of all these witnesses that, in anticipation of His coming I will preach the Word,” said the daughter of Billy Graham Anne Graham Lotz.

“Millions of people today are looking for way. “Where am I going? What do I do?” Jesus said, “Follow me.” He said, “I am the way”. Just a few days ago my father went with Jesus to heaven. Dad, I see you no longer on this earth, but we will see each other again. I’ll see you sooner or later. Be all glory to God,” said Franklin Graham.

Before that, thousands of people have visited Capitol hill to pay tribute to the Reverend Billy Graham, the coffin which with military honors was installed in the Rotunda.

Significant moment on Capitol hill – lawmakers-on-one day off making decisions in order to honor the America’s pastor, Reverend Billy Graham.

“Wherever Reverend Graham, he invariably carried a great message: “God loves you”, recalled the President of the United States Donald trump.

Throughout his life (99 years) Billy Graham preached the gospel to millions of people, including a young Donald trump.

“My father said to me: “Come on, son,” he said to his mother: “Come, mother. Let’s go and hear Billy Graham at Yankee stadium. It was unforgettable,” said trump.

Reverend Graham — just the fourth citizen and the first religious leader to be awarded this honor. Before here death two police security of the Capitol, victims at execution, and an activist of the civil rights movement Rosa parks. For the first time this idea occurred to the Congressman from North Carolina Patrick McHenry, who invited her to the speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan.

“I thought that it would be very appropriate and right to give him the last tribute of respect that is so,” said Patrick Henry, a member of the house of representatives, Republican, North Carolina.

The speaker of the house of representatives, Republican Paul Ryan said the decision was simple: “We got together and decided that this is exactly what we should do.”

After the coffin was taken to Washington, the family of the Reverend Graham has joined the President and legislators at the memorial service. Speaker Ryan said, “If any of the Americans and were worthy of such an honor, it was Reverend Graham.”

“When our country was on his knees, he reminded us — he convinced us that it was then that we received, and grace and strength,” said Paul Ryan.

The majority leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell described Graham as a remarkably humble man who wanted to share the Good news with the largest possible number of souls.

“Billy Graham has inspired our nation. Not because successfully was the center of attention, but because never tried,” says Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, the majority leader in the Senate.

After the memorial service, Franklin Graham and other family members met with people who came to say goodbye to a well-known Evangelist.

“Graham never wanted attention. Always pay attention of others to the Lord. He is an example of honesty,” recalls Rodney Vickers.

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