An elderly volunteer was Napping with the cats in the shelter and raised money for 50 operations for them

Every day Terry Lierman comes to the animal shelter. He deals with cats, plays with them and will definitely remain to take a NAP with the Pets. Short post made him a star in social networks and gave shelter donations, which is enough for operations of 50 cats with disabilities. This and other good news – in the collection “Pravmir”.

Terry Lierman. Photo: Sarah Kloepping/USA Today Network

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Strangers wrote 125 letters of support for cancer patients

Gina Mulligan

Girls Love Mail is a non – profit organization that helps cancer patients. Representatives of the organisation ask the volunteers to write letters of encouragement to patients who are struggling with breast cancer.

The founder of the organization writer Gina Mulligan was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Soon she began to receive hundreds of letters of support written by hand.

“I was so moved by these letters. I imagined what would happen if other patients of breast cancer will also receive such support. When I finished my cancer, I knew what I wanted to do.”

A charity campaign was launched in August 2011. The main requirement for the letters of one thing – they must be unique and handwritten.

For 7 years, strangers have sent more than 125 thousand letters to patients around the world. The youngest writer is a student in the fourth grade, the oldest – 90 years. Letters written by people from USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Korea, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Australia, Malta, Burma and the Netherlands.

““Life is not when you’re waiting for the storm to pass. Life is when you learn to dance in the rain”. So I hope you’ve got your dancing shoes on. Now is your time! <…> Don’t worry, you won’t be alone! Dance two people, and as your partner I promise to be there! Let my words carry you when you fall,” writes a participant unfamiliar woman.

“I received a letter from a stranger, and it was so strong! Now I keep it on the nightstand and read every night to recharge. I’m amazed how much kindness in this world” – says one of the women who received the letter.

Gina Mulligan hopes that every woman facing breast cancer, will receive a letter of support from a stranger.

He just took a NAP with the cats and raised money for 50 operations for animals

Terry Lierman 75 years, and he is a volunteer at the shelter, Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary, where the cats live with disabilities, which could be put to sleep in other places. Terry Lierman every day, staying 3 hours, and an hour from that time he was Napping on the couch with cats.

Photo: Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc. / Facebook

75-year-old volunteer was so important to the orphanage that he spent an entire post a few days census more than 20 thousand times. “We are happy that we have such people as Terry. One day he just came and stayed with us. He said he wanted to brush cats. Eventually he began to do it every day.

He does every cat in the shelter and can tell you what they like and what not. He also sleeps with them almost every day. We are not against the cats needed. Terry – great volunteer!”

Photo: The Brass Lens / Facebook

Literally over night, Terry became a star, and hundreds of people began to donate money, send food and other essential shelter things. “We raised more money than we spend normally throughout the year,” – said the founder of the shelter Elizabeth Feldhausen.

The collected money will be enough for about 50 transactions, each of which is worth from $500 to $1 000.

“I’m still in shock, I never thought that my post would be such a reaction. We all joke now on this subject: “If we knew that we just need to lie down to sleep, the last two years would have been much easier,”” she says.

During the fight against cancer girls became friends and were reunited in remission

McKinley, Chloe, ava and Lauren was only 4-5 years old when they met in the Oncology ward of the hospital at Johns Hopkins. Chloe had a rare form of lung cancer, the rest of the girls with leukemia.

During treatment

General diagnosis and difficult treatment combined girls. “She was 3, and she has barely any hair, but all of her friends in the hospital looked the same. Did her normal,” – said the mother of Lauren.

“To see a familiar face and know that you are not alone here – it was like a breath of fresh air,” adds the mother of ava.

After treatment

2 years after treatment, all 4 girls have achieved remission. In gratitude for this great news parents returned to the hospital and had a photo session for their daughters, doctors, nurses and all hospital staff who helped them.

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