An employee of the administration published online a direct threat to the UPC

Head of the ATO members in the Vinnytsia regional state administration Andrey Grachev

Threatened Church officials promised that will surely fulfill all his promises aggressive.

23 December 2018, the head of the ATO members in the Vinnytsia regional state administration Andrey Grachev published in Facebook direct threats addressed to the clergy and laity of Vinnytsia diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“Now, in fact: fans of the Russian world…. it is to you… You probably misunderstood something. So here’s an official statement. Unified country – unified Church. We have started!!! For Ukraine and for the Faith will be punished harshly. There are no politicians, here Ukraine, and Faith. This is not a joke!!!” – he wrote.

Grachov said that his words should not be regarded as a threat but as a warning.

“I’m not threatening, I’m really warning you. The threat may come true, but maybe not. A warning means that it will be 100%. I propose to look in the mirror and think. Is it worth it???” said the head of the ATO members.

He is sure that the DNC moved almost all the clergy of the canonical Church.

“Almost all the priests of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate moved to a single Ukrainian Church. And they were declared traitors. Maybe it is. That’s just one small BUT!!!! They are traitors of Maaskva not Ukraine…. And left and right serve the Ruthenian world,” wrote Kraus.

However, he said that he understands the illegality of their own statements.

“I realize that I write and understand that as sovereign sluzbenici, I have no right to write this. And most likely I will be punished for this post.
But first and foremost, I am human and I have my own thoughts about this. Therefore, it is. All I’m saying. PS: sorry did not arrived the fans of the Russian world…. But we started)))) now we are looking for You…” – summed up the civil servant.

Grachev’s statement did not go unnoticed by supporters of the DNC, and although some users of social networks supported his aggressive mood to the UPC, the zeal of the officials was not shared by all.

“The Church will go from here. But it will take time. No need to act like svinesana. We will stay in the legal field!” – wrote in the comments to his statement one of the opponents of the UOC.

In the view of another of the wearer’s social networks, the provocateurs can use the statements Grachev for their own purposes. She reminded everyone about the call of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to resolve everything peacefully:

Some aggressive promises of the officials to punish the “supporters of the Russian world” did not cause rejection. They are confused by just the fact that this communiqué was published:

In 2016 in “Vlasno” published information on other offences fighter for ptsu Andrei Grachev. According to media reports, Andrei Grachev, as a civil servant, in accordance with the business search “YouControl” is the head of the signer in the “MK is all”. Although at the time the Andrey Grachev officially ceased operations as of FLP (individual entrepreneur). Despite the fact that article 25 of the law of Ukraine “On prevention of corruption” prohibits civil servants to combine the service of the state and entrepreneurship. Civil servant-millionaire, who declared the income in size of 18 million hryvnia, and was involved in conflict with activists during a session in the Vinnytsia city Council.

Recall that the President had previously stated that the first will be on the protection of the churches of the UOC in case of danger.

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