“Ana could be trusted with everything” – a friend remembers dead mother

A week ago we learned of the death of the wife of the priest of Anna Gorovoy. A young woman, a mother of two young children says her friend Elena Solovieva.

Anna Horova

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“It is necessary, otherwise it will fail” – and did a test for classmate

With Anna we met in 2004 at the preparatory courses, both wanted to enter the philological faculty of Moscow state pedagogical University. We came to the second lesson – the literature of the XIX century, sat together, not knowing each other, on the first row, met. Since then, we at the same Desk and sat, already once received.

In studies Anya was always the first, always a student. She has a diploma without a single four. This does not mean that she was a nerd or a geek. But always easy and open communication, she is so fond of Russian language that she did not make special work to prepare for seminars for exams.

Yes, at the prom we had not received our red diplomas in a festive atmosphere. They “jammed”, that is, the print did not work, so in hands we took in the Dean’s office.

Often we trained together and on the phone and long hours in libraries, and in our University canteen, although we are categorically not allowed to do that, but we still sat there, laying out notes and textbooks.

Anna selflessly loved what she was doing. She really wanted to become a good teacher and therefore, no problem enrolling in graduate school, she quickly realized that she doesn’t want that, she wants to work with children.

The Institute

Annie always attended the lectures, never played truant, and many enjoyed it – photographed, scanned, printed. Moreover, she had extraordinary handwriting all letters are straight, with calligraphic flourishes. I also attended all lectures, but my handwriting can only be deciphered by me.

In the first year, we decided the whole group to skip English – he stood in the schedule very late. Long time to persuade Anna, persuaded. But then, after the teacher all gave us on our deed, Anna firmly told the whole group that won’t do that ever.

When asked by complex practical work on the house, we themselves first for two do the job – its and my options. And then called up later that night and did the other two or four.

– It is necessary, otherwise it will fail, – said Anna, examining the option of one of the Sorority sisters.

However, she once said, “All the lectures nobody else’ll forgive, I’m tired”. Apparently, she was upset because people do not attend lectures. The people then became frightened, but she only said, and continued to give his lectures. For that girl she always was very grateful. We had a very friendly group. Now the girls can’t believe what happened. Not all were able to come to say goodbye to Anya, come here, please tell me where is her grave, or ask to go with them.

Mileage in St. Petersburg

She loved books, loved to read. Favourite work was “Crime and punishment” Dostoevsky, in General, Dostoevsky was for her loved ones by the author.

In the University canteen we have not yet seen the bosses and preparing for exams, and different concerts that we organized, for example, Pushkin evening, poetry of the Silver age.

Anya played the guitar, sang songs on verses of Russian poets, bard songs.

The course on the second or third we with the teacher and a small group of students traveled to St. Petersburg. Went one day and night in the train, a day there and night back. When the tour is over, we asked the teacher for permission to walk. It was white nights, and Anya knew very well Petersburg. We went to the Smolensk cemetery. It was getting late, about nine in the evening, the chapel of St. blessed Xenia was closed, we kissed the walls, and then, on the way to the subway, got lost a bit: bus will not go.

We walked, went to the Arrow of Vasilyevsky island. Seeing that the time is nearing midnight, ran to the nearest bridge. When ran up, saw that he was already divorced. What to do, does not represent: the students, the money is not too much. In the distance could be seen the Palace bridge, we ran up to him. As we ran! First to the Palace bridge, then the bridge, then the subway… Anya was not a very athletic person, I saw how her hard. She’s probably on the power of the spirit ran.

Barely caught the train, ran about five minutes. Of course, inherited from a teacher who was waiting at the door of the car.

Then very long remembered this case. It was one of the brightest memories over the years of study.

At the conference

At the University we had a subject, called, I think, “information technology”. The teacher gave the test task to remove together a video about the group. Of course, we all together got rid of Anya your photos, and shot and edited everything herself. Was very touching video, we are now examining.

She had a clean all – speech, and thoughts

Of Hobbies – she loved the creativity of the singer Oleg Pogudin, and before her marriage she went to his concerts, invited us, her friends. We are happy with it then discussed the concerts.

Someone of the girls told her: “You what? Is a pension of some kind,” and Anya with tears in my eyes were, but she restrained. Here it was freaking said this sentence a classmate: hurt Anna, and it was so bright person that she immediately apologized: “Anya, I’m sorry! I didn’t want to offend you, just broke”. Then the tears dried up, she began smiling again. She never was angry, but was so sensitive that it was easy to hurt, she was upset and childish, in the best sense of the expression.

Harsh words, harsh statements hurt her. She internally lamented and worried, but never started to prove you wrong.

Anna was a unique person, not about anyone, never gossiped, never discussed. There was a girl who in the first year suddenly left the Institute. Anna knew her history, it always was very sorry. And we – no one knew her, and now do not know. Ana could be trusted with everything, knowing that she would keep it to yourself, won’t tell anyone. I have repeatedly shared with her innermost feelings and knew that she would find a word of consolation, a word of encouragement.

Recently rarely saw each other – both their families, but talked on the phone regularly. She has recently invited us to visit, we have the day planned, but we have a sick daughter, and we stayed home. Both very sorry. Expecting our arrival, Anya was told that she would cook so I could eat: my food allergies. That’s so considerate person she was. Anya knew everything. If she told about me, would remember a great number of cases connected with me – she was extremely attentive.

In practice, in school

If I mentioned, simply in the course of conversation that I like or needed some thing, she sure gave it for a birthday, name day or any occasion. She did not forget about the name days and birthdays of mine, my children, and not recorded, but simply knew and always found greeting the words that were needed.

It was always interesting to talk to. Anya was the wisest man. She was well-delivered speech, she could talk for hours, so much so that I wanted to listen to. I can’t even imagine that she could have some spoken word or a spoken idiom to make in your speech. She had clean everything from speech to thoughts.

Anya went in one temple – the temple of St. Maron, a Syrian hermit near the metro station “Oktyabrskaya”. I brought her there and she stayed there. Every month, I know exactly came to this temple.

During the students we sang there in one of the youth choir, and every Friday went to a regular practice. From the temple, together with the youth club, went on pilgrimages, even more in trudnicama in which Anya worked along with all, although physical strength it was a little. She never complained, never whined, she was tired, everything hurts.

After graduation Anya some time spent in school, then left. System offering classes for 30 people with very different children, turned out for Ani complex. She is a very gentle man for regular schools, where sometimes it is necessary to show hardness, severity.

She is very upset and she decided that she would deal with the children one on one. She was well prepared children for exams, gave them great knowledge.

Anya very carefully prepared to their lessons with children, raised even our some University notebooks, some lectures. Although she knew a lot.

Talked, laughed, compared, “What is your thing?”

For me and my husband have the wedding of Anya along with the gift performs the song “Wedding ring”. Sang so touchingly and tenderly, we began to cry.

And yet… My mother in law before the wedding saw me a few times because he lives in another city, very worried about our family. And Anya saw the first time at the wedding and instantly liked her confidence. From her she asked, “Lena?” Anya found in response to those words forever friends my mom and husband. I don’t know what she said, but my mother-in-law believed her.

I’m godmother Kolenka, her older son. He will be 7 years old on September 30, this year he will go to the first class.

She is a wonderful mother, loved their children, engaged them. Responsible for medical issues, of course, speaking to the doctors, she always trusted themselves and their children, their family God.

Second children we were born with a difference in three days. Anya called February 4, 2017: “I gave birth”.

I sit, I remember crying with happiness, saying: “Anya, how nice. And I still have two weeks to go,” but my baby decided to appear three days later.

So two boys, two girls. Talked, laughed, compared, “What is your thing?” “What’s your thing?” “My that’s a can.” – “And that’s my can”.

She, too, was feeding a Child breast milk, and we joked about who’d finish first feed.

Anya was a very deeply religious man. It is through the Institute knew a lot about faith, about God, maybe not so much knew how many felt that she had always. With the advent of the Church this belief has further deepened. So in her eyes it was always calm. Her eyes were huge, clear, and whatever emotions she has been experiencing, she always glowed from the inside.

Although I never said, but I know that Anya was praying a lot. Can’t say everything, but a lot I have had those moments when I realise that through her prayers. Now I’m sure that it is the Lord has for all of us who know her, praying as he prayed during his life – for his children, for his family, for their parents and for those she knew and loved.

Fund “Pravmir” opened the collection for financial assistance to the children of slain mother Anna. Details at the link.

Go to the page collection at the Foundation’s website

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