Anatoly Danilov. Five years

Anatoly Danilov

  • † Anatoly Danilov (20.07.1971 – 12.09.2013)
  • Anatoly Danilov: just a real Christian
  • Anatoly Danilov – eternal life!
  • Amputation. The year of the first
  • Amputation. Year of the second

Tomorrow – 5 years of eternal life Anatoly Danilov.

In five years, get used to it. Used for a long time. Used, that will not come. That it will not be that of turning the key in the lock. That will not suggest the subject. Do not write in the messenger, here, this must interview. It is impossible to talk to.

I mean, sure, you can talk.

But you don’t know if she could hear. Not sure how to understand that answer.

Get used to the fact that man was here, nothing, no one.

And even getting used to the idea that one day you will not. That is, you will also need to cross this line, and he had crossed, and that there, beyond this point, you don’t know.

You BELIEVE in. But this “reality given in sensation” no. This is not knowledge….

And in fact, in five years you’re not used to it. Because once you give an interview. And that’s where you tell your whole story and what happened after it. And then read it to my daughter. And she sits on bed and cries again.

I don’t remember when she cried for the first time. I remember I put her in highchair with strongly diluted bottle of baby food, and as she was sitting there for a long time, yet was swift, yet was experts, agents. But when I cry, I can’t remember. Remember her looking into the sky in two years: “Dad. there in the sky?”

But now she cried again and asked whether it is possible somehow to make her daddy was with her, was here with us, we would be together. So every night he sat by her crib and say, “Little girl”.

And no, you can’t do anything.

After reading the story of our Andrew’s wedding, a friend asked: “And you never thought that if it were not for these losses, then there would be this new happiness?”

I’ve been thinking myself about it, and in conversation with her.

No, it’s not something that happens instead. Yes, we both did just perfect. Yes, we both did the Lord’s great happiness not only feelings but also understanding. But it’s not something that happens instead. It’s not something that you can choose.

We would dearly gave to all was alive and all was left as was, for example, in 2010. Death happens not only with the person. It happens to you. You yourself, too, as if dead. You’re looking at this black and white world and do not find – and not looking for any strength to life. You force yourself to live, because otherwise it would be too hard for a child. But you’re not quite live.

Then you get used to this the rest of your life even. And then suddenly you say: no, you do not go down this road, but on this, like this, together… And so it happens the resurrection from the dead. Somehow I understand this…

Memories written and collected. To them there is nothing to add.

“Zdorovenki Buly”, “Hello, dear editors Yes Alive and kicking!”, which sounded every day.

A kind smile. Great pain about how to make people close to life easier.

Not to participate in the persecution. Not to engage in mass struggle. Not to sign letters against.

In the Donskoy will be a memorial service at 13.00. Come. Don’t forget in prayers…

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