Anchorwoman Harris Faulkner wrote a book about the rules of engagement for success

A leading TV channel “Fox news” Harris Faulkner is a familiar face from the screen. She grew up in a military family, and says that upbringing has not only shaped her values, but also gave her the tools to succeed. She says that these tools are important in everyday life as well as on the battlefield.

Harris Faulkner climbed the career ladder in “Fox news”. Her success as co-host of the popular program “Outnumbered” has led to the emergence of her own show “Outnumbered Overtime”.

Harris explains, many of the achievements upbringing in a military family. She talks about it in his new book, “9 rules of engagement. Guide to life and success from the daughter of a military serviceman”.

“Most of us necessary for the survival of military principles. You must know how to plan a mission to win”, says Harris.

Harris is the daughter of Colonel Bob Harris, an army officer and pilot who for two terms held in Vietnam. She grew up listening to the stories of his father about the battle where success is often determined by a matter of life and death.

“I said, “Dad, I have rules in my life in which I live, and I know I got that from you mom”. Sometimes friends were laughing at me because of my discipline and determination. But I was so brought up. And I decided to share this experience with others,” she says.

The book Faulkner “9 rules of engagement” begins with the words: “Gather your special ops”.

“Navy seals” do not walk in groups of 200 people. Because then they would not be able to fulfill its mission. The green berets do the same. They choose certain people for specific missions. I think we should do the same. We become like the five people we most spend time. And you may have to fire several people who have no place in the inner circle, because they do not help you become a better person and achieve goals,” explains Faulkner.

Faulkner believes that her faith in God also gave her a purpose in life.

“My mission in this life is to enter heaven. And those in my inner circle, I’m not allow to do what ought not Christians to do, says Harris Faulkner. — I am a Christian since childhood. This was the main question in my house, because my dad was in the war”.


Faith Faulkner has gained even more meaning when a lead was sent to the Holy land. She covered the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem.

“I saw the Bible in color and in three dimensions. And it is possible to touch. You can go to the place where Jesus ‘ body was laid after the crucifixion to cleanse and prepare for what’s next,” — says Harris.

In his book Faulkner says on the inscription that hangs in her office: “Just a girl who decided to take a chance”.

“Everyone told me that nothing will come of it. Not two or three people. Many asked: “what else have you got to do.” It was like a punch in the heart!” — she shares.

Risking and reaching goals, Faulkner was able to help others to do the same.

“My goal has expanded. Now I want to help you get the greatest possible number of people. No matter for men or women. I think that sense of value helps us to better relate to each other.
My dream has come true in your career and at home, — confessed Faulkner. I have two beautiful children and husband. In addition, I wanted my mom to see how I’m running my own show. She did not live to see it, but, fortunately, saw her husband. And as he prays every day, I know that she knows about it.”

Harris argues that not happened to be in that position.

“It’s the culmination of all the prayers that were said by my father in the cockpit, hoping that they will return home,” — says TV presenter.

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