And in due time Hannah gave birth to a Girl

On 21 September the Orthodox Church celebrates the Nativity of the blessed virgin. Anyway, amazing still the Church calendar. Annual round ends with feasts in honor of the Mother of God and starts them. The assumption completes some part of earth time and Christmas she also starts. The Dormition and the Nativity of a person. But what kind of person!

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So begins a new time

And it is important that and in that and in this event the main and most essential news for us is hope. The hope of the coming resurrection from the dead through the assumption and self-fulfilling expectation of many generations of people who lived and were awaiting the arrival of the deliverer through the Birth of a normal earth people quite the unusual Girl.

In the book of Genesis is a wonderful and mysterious words that the Lord turns to the enemy of mankind the devil: “I will put enmity between thee and the wife, between your seed and between her seed: it will bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel” (Gen. III, 15). These words can be understood as a prophecy about One who would come from the fallen Adam and eve, The one from Whom happens first Liberating people from death and crime. As if predicting the defeat of the devil for the temptation and the entry into man’s sin, the Lord here gives hope to the one who first stepped on the path of crime and sin. Hope that will come true which will not be put to shame.

Saint John Damascene explains it this way: “eve became the first sinner, and through her, which served as the instrument of grandparent’s fall, death entered into the world, but Mary, submissive to the will of God, entered the world of immortality.” In these words of God said to the serpent, of course, not about eve, not about its direct and imminent offspring, but The Wife, Whose Son the great by His death abolish the death of Adam. Not by chance, that the Cross of Christ as the Instrument of victory over death is portrayed in a place where according to Legend, could be the remains of the first man, where he was buried, and descended into the darkness of the death of Adam.

What an amazing symbol: the Crucified Lord, striking to the head death that the devil was amazed at Adam. And where He revealed wounded and killed on the Cross, there is He in the greatness of His divine Glory takes the hands of those who had run away from the light and love in the way of sorrow, suffering and pain.

The Holy gospel tells us nothing of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. The events of birth of the Mother of God described in the so-called Protevangelium of James, where we learn that the virgin Mary was born of pious and good people of Joachim and Anna. He was by birth from the Royal family, she was a daughter of the high priest. To the elderly Joachim and Anna had no children, why am immensely grieved themselves, and besides, was not accepted and the people among whom it was believed that infertility is like a curse.

– You are not worthy to offer sacrifice to God, for it is not established the offspring of Israel says was inconsolable Joachim the high priest. With pain and sorrow, he withdrew to the desert. Retired for prayer. No, not discouraged, although it would seem, here it – abyss is not allowed even to worship God. But prayer remained the only one home and Anna. And it was said to both of them that will be their Daughter, the Offspring of Which will be revealed to the world.

Comforted by the messenger of God they met at the Golden gate of Jerusalem. And in due time Hannah gave birth to a baby Girl. So begins a new time, so begins the path of Adam and eve lost their beautiful and bright Garden.

I remember the tears of the mother, and the heavy silence father

And what is our life? How often do we ponder and think about hope? A lot of it in our lives or not? It would seem as distant in time from us all these events, and what they can do, how many people live without children, it is possible that sometimes live deliberately and consciously.

Time, money, nowhere to live, why produce poverty, we are still not settled, do I have to do this, but it is necessary to protect the candidate, it is necessary to build a career, it is necessary to have a reliable future… This is only a small part of what wanders in our minds as excuses. And I don’t blame thinking this way of people.

Life is really unpredictable in their sharp turns. In my childhood and adolescence in the late 80’s and early 90 parents often for many months, I was without salary and the question is, what will we eat in the morning, very often got an edge – I remember mother’s tears and silence, the heavy silence of his father. Hunger, fortunately, was not, but the pain from what to feed the children nothing, and that nothing can be done what is necessary to survive and squeezed – it was.

And creating a family, and now raising children, I also fear that one day it may happen and I will have nothing to answer the questioning looks of my children. Although we live rather modestly, even much better than I myself, but never to the coming darkness of doubt and anxiety at least once not raining light simple and calm response: don’t worry.

And maybe so, and I’ve seen it myself: when people who created all the conditions to build a house, a career, provide for themselves, having the opportunity, I would, but, alas, their attempts to give birth for many years remained unsuccessful. And do not nourish if we then thus inconsolable Joachim and Anna, not those the tears of confusion and misunderstanding that once shone in the eyes of the older women I see in the eyes of many young and full of energy people? But it seemed that the most difficult and important, what is necessary today is to create conditions that make it impossible to catch, to reach, to obtain, to acquire. But impossible was not it.

Hard and bitter. And in this same situation, talking about life, trying to find answers in conversation with people, I dwell on the hope. Yes, I know that there are very serious circumstances, there is health, there is very much contrary… And yet… Hope is that we can’t leave even to go to bed at night. What guarantees that this great and good condition I’ll Wake up to a new morning. And Wake up Lee…

And then returned hope

Yes, it is clear that in a world where everything is convenient and technically possible for almost everything in this world is easy to get used to the idea that everything will happen by itself. And hope is the one who in the desert behind the next dune would like to find the oasis. And it is important that no matter how many of these dunes were not, but the heart gets cold in the search and thirst. Not in the physical thirst, and that finds the answer and gets the desired result.

The world is like a desert – with all its convenience. And we are travelers. But one man, rejected by others, got in the desert the answer, did not despair, and raised his eyes to Heaven and was heard. So after years of humiliation, pain, and questions of someone who was hoping, came the great news. The news that in these wanderings, this loneliness and abandonment, he was not left to Them.

What is this holiday?

About the hope. The small and the great. Minor – parent, for the consolation of sorrow netcashusa two, husband and wife, rejected, strange, because they still make, no children, means that something is not right, then punished, then cursed…

But they were destined to be parents, but this Girl will bow to the faces of the heavenly, It will light up the darkness and a new dawn will give a different Path, which will be adopted and children adopted Her human, Her heart will be the weapon, She prepared for what you may not be able to transfer none of the mothers, but Her heart will not only accommodate that, but I will hide in my silence, many with terrible wounds and grief us.

Small great and Great small.

Prayer father and mother were answered, and the answer was given to us all.

Have a good and kind person 9 years ago on the eve of the dead three year old son. And then he he had and said he was with Mom. Although his earthly mom and dad here on this earth.

And in that house was filled with flowers.

And then returned to hope.

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