Andrew Brunson may receive a sentence at the next sitting of the court

“The Wall Street Journal” says that American pastor Andrew Brunson may release during the next court session of the 12th October. Nearly two-year Saga has led to an international crisis between the two NATO allies. And at stake is something more than just politics.

The Turkish government has transferred the pastor Brunson from prison under house arrest in July. Although 50-year-old pastor had served the country for more than two decades, the Turkish government accused him of espionage against the government of President Erdogan and the coup attempt two in 2016. The administration trump calls the accusations baseless, and the release of pastor Brunson is one of their priority.

“I think that was not this administration or the President to deal seriously with the issue of prisoner of conscience, a man who was imprisoned for his faith since the days of President Reagan and Natan Sharansky. This is a historic event,” said Mike Kerem, an analyst on Middle East issues and Islam.

And the administration of the tramp was not limited to conversations. They imposed sanctions against Turkey that led to the fall of its currency.

“All the secular media without exception say, “the Pastor? But who care? Trade with Turkey is much more important. Money and the value of the Lira is much more important.” But the administration, trump said, “No. The pastor was falsely accused and put in prison. It is important for us and we are willing to sacrifice their money and to take a tough position,” commented Dr. Michael Youssef Ministry “Pointing the way”.

A native of Egypt, Michael Youssef says that other countries are watching what happens.

“They will not ignore it because you know what can be next, if you do not cease to persecute Christians,” he says.

Franklin Graham urged Christians to pray, and the US — to be careful.

“First, I would like to ask all who are here today, all Christians, to pray for the release of Andrew Branson. He put forward false accusations. This case is fabricated. We must remember that Turkey is rapidly becoming a radical Islamic state. You must return the Branson home and we have to be very careful in relations with Turkey, while there will not change the leader and the direction in which the country is moving”, said the Evangelist.

Mike Kerem claims that at stake is something more than an international crisis between the NATO allies.

“Many people, including us, believe that God will do something in Izmir – the ancient Smyrna – where today is Andrew Branson. And it will affect not only Turkey but neighbouring countries. It is clear as day that the pastor put in jail for one reason – his hope and faith in Jesus Christ as the Savior of not only the West but of the whole world,” he says.

MHN: IN the Studio “CBN News” from Jerusalem came the head of the near East Bureau of the CBN, Chris Mitchell.

Chris, what is the probability that pastor Brunson released?

Chris Mitchell:

Big. An article in “The Wall Street Journal” says this could happen in October, at the next hearing. That’s why it’s so important to pray for his release and that his imprisonment helped the gospel to spread across the Middle East.
Last summer there was an opportunity to negotiate, but a few months ago it failed. It seems to me that it upset the President of the trump. Maybe he decided that the President Erdogan decided to cheat him in the deal. Let’s see what happens in the coming days.

MHN: How important is the fact that the top officials of the US government fighting for the liberation of Branson?

As I said — this is a historic event. The last time we’ve seen the likes of Ronald Reagan and Natan Sharansky. It was very long ago, back in the early 80-ies. Reagan stood up for him. And now President trump and Vice-President of Pence stood up for the pastor Brunson, which led to serious friction between the two NATO allies. It’s unprecedented, but this is one example of how the administration of the tramp is fighting for religious freedom.

MHN: what would you call the current relations between Turkey and the United States?

Tense. States imposed sanctions against Turkey, and the Turkish Lira began to fall. That is why the situation is very tense. But this is one of the main problems between the two countries.

MHN: Recently, Branson talked about the fact that this is all part of God’s plan.

“There are times when I am not happy with God’s plan in this situation. But I realized that God is in control of it. He has a plan, and it will all be to the glory of Him. He is worthy of all that had to go through my family. I see this message and the letters of his father. He began to obey God and say, “God, my life belongs to you. May she bring You honor, proclaiming Your name and Your goodness to the people,” shared Jacqueline Furnari, daughter of pastor Andrew Brunson.

Chris, what do you say about this? And what we should pray for our viewers?

Chris Mitchell:

They can pray for strength, because Brunson went through horrible things during the last two years. Pray for his release, and — as told by his daughter, — all this went beyond mere pastor Brunson. The issue raised Christianity to a new level in Turkey, because few people evangelizare in this country. The pastor is in Izmir — the ancient Smyrna; one of the churches of the book of Revelation. And he raised Christianity to a new level. And not only in Turkey but also in neighbouring countries. His case received such publicity, which had no one else.

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