Anna Danilova: How Pravmir helps people and how much is 10 rubles

The result I want to see quickly. When I drop some of his inner the outcome of Pravmir, I really wish they were all at the wave of a magic wand.

Written – released!
Written – cured!
Wrote helped!
Written – saved!

Happens sometimes. Here Pravmir wrote, here even the media joined in, there goes the wave on the radio, and here it is – the flood is sweeping away everything (sometimes too much).
Not always. And here you sit in the evening and think – well, what was the result from this post? Well, I wrote about the experience of cancer survivors… the child with down syndrome… the disabled…. about the problems with cancer in Russia. And then what?

Recently we (or rather I wasn’t there, because I still die whether from SARS or the measles vaccine, whether all superimposed) spoke with very good doctors. Asked what they need help on what to focus the Fund Pravmir. And they said something that absolutely amazed me.

Society need to talk – they said.

See, told us very different great doctors, not saying a word, is it medical, a lot of things can be solved. But there is one area where we cannot succeed without media, where Provera without us as without hands.

– Denial of the serious diseases of type of cancer, when delay and delay going to the doctor.

– The negation in children’s diseases – well, looks into the eyes of a child, does not speak and does not play with others, but I’m not taking him to the doctor, it’s all right.

– Fear of people to various diseases – from psychiatry to HIV (“we are in a sandbox the boy with down syndrome is not contagious?”).

The violence, the beatings and all of that – “we thrashed and nothing!”

All. The adoption of children (non)rejection of the child in the hospital (sometimes “crisis” mothers just don’t know what the child can and to treat and to LIVE with him perfectly and happily) – then, in General, can be a long list.

Well, here’s one of my most darling stories about Vaseline Knutsen. When her foster mother Elmira periodically say on the grounds of: “so what are you, the abortion did not do.” Or that’s when the Deputy stated that the type of what was to give birth to a girl without handles, there are all sorts of screenings. There is only one way. Talk – show – off – telling – to write not to be afraid to adopt such children. No one shied away in the streets. To met with smiles and joy – what a cool Vasilina.

We have many such stories, but with Vasilisoj favorite. And then the Deputy apologized for this, and Elmira played at different round tables and talked about the problems of such children.

It is difficult for us. We regularly and not very politely to send different speakers under the pretext that the website “about Orthodoxy” they do not comment will be. Regular “bring to light” our sponsors fighters for the “purity of Orthodoxy” (they and bishops regularly gets, anyway).

We don’t work any ways the survival of the conventional media. No native advertising, no conventional (that is very cool we are promoting a great clinic and doctors – we make it free and only write about very cool verified experts).

We will never catch up in the technical capabilities of large edition. I would love to have our employees work for powerful smart computers, and photographers was shot on super-duper camera… But digital companies with us is not interesting, we are not a commercial publication with a strong advertising platform, which can roll out an advertising banner to the top of the screen. Some time ago I contacted several companies asking at least make a tangible discount at PURCHASE. One company made a discount of 11% 🙂

In short. Despite all this we work. We occupy a very high position (3.5 million to 4 million readers a month – hoo what pride).

We work because there is you. The main part of our budget is the only section that we hope is your subscription.

If you read us regularly then please sign up for recurring payment. I will not here about a Cup of coffee, let this payment will be much less, let it be one ruble per day.

Пожертвование на работу «Правмира»

But if you are already subscribed, then thank you very much!

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