Anna Kuznetsova has proposed to extend pension benefits to large families with foster children


Authorized under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova proposes to extend benefits for retirement for mothers of many children, brought up three and more foster children, reports TASS.

Commenting on Wednesday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on pension changes, the Ombudsman drew attention to the fact that the head of state noted “the need to maintain existing benefits for mothers of large families who had given birth to five children, and offered to introduce benefits for mothers of three and four children in the provision of the right to early retirement at three and four years respectively.” This position, in her opinion, “once again emphasizes the special status of large families, the need to support them at the state level, reaffirms the timeliness and the need to adopt a unified regulatory act on the status of large families in the territory of the Russian Federation”.

“However, I believe that the development of amendments to pension legislation would be appropriate to consider the interests not only of women who gave birth and reared their own children, but also adopted into the family and raised three and more children-orphans”, – said Kuznetsova, whose words quoted by her press service.

According to the Commissioner, “large families are one of the most vulnerable social groups whose well-being ‘high risk”. “The more children brought up in the family, the more time is spent on ensuring their daily needs, the fewer opportunities for mothers to work, for decent wages, including due to the loss of seniority and qualifications, the inability to work and subsequently affects the well-being of parents in the period of retirement and size of pensions”, – she explained.

According to Rosstat, which quotes the press service of the Ombudsman, at the beginning of 2018 in Russia, lived 29 million 980 thousand 686 children, of whom 5 million 838 thousand 538 children were raised in large families. Only on January 1 of the current year in Russia were 1 million 747 thousand 111 large families, from them 132 thousand 855 families raising five or more children.

Earlier at the meeting of the working group in the Federation Council in the framework of the development of the draft Federal law “On the basis of the legal status of large families in the Russian Federation” discussed a proposal Kuznetsova about the possibilities of providing them with additional privileges and preferences, including increasing pensions for large families.

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