Anne Graham Lotz sums up the story of his father Billy Graham

The Christian world lost much when, in the beginning of this year died Billy Graham. But for his daughter Ann, Billy was not just a public person, proclaiming hot sermons from many pulpits. He was a loving father and family man. Ann spoke about his father’s legacy and hope for future generations.

Anne Graham Lotz brings glory to God, despite the fact that recently she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news Evangelist and author of the books shared on his website a few days ago. Lotz said that clings to the promises of God and that He gave her wisdom and guidance along the way. Lotz will be on the operation of the 18th of September. She asks to pray for her healing and continues to encourage people throughout the earth to a deeper relationship with Christ.

MHN: a big word – sin. But heard no more sermons about sin. Sin is connected with the word repentance. You say, “Repent of your repentance.” What does it mean?

Anne Graham Lotz:

I think sometimes our repentance, or what we call repentance, it is only regret. We sin, doing something wrong, or our choice is not in our favor – and we say, “God, we’re sorry.” And we begin to feel sorry for yourself. But we don’t look at it deeply, and not turn away from your sin. Biblical repentance is renunciation and deliverance from sin, the crucifixion of sin, when we fully turn away from it. Sometimes our repentance is very superficial, and when we get the opportunity – we do the same thing. It is not real repentance. It’s some kind of false repentance.

I believe that some of us do, but the culture has become so secular and atheistic in fact. People live, move, and exist like there is no God. I believe that the majority in our culture and our country. But there are people who want to live in the faith to pass it on to their children and grandchildren.

I met with the Millennials and representatives of “generation X”, who devote themselves totally to the Lord. It seems to me that some of them paid the ultimate price, because they are lonely. But they are strong in the faith and really want to change the world for the better. God has a remnant in every generation until the return of Jesus and His millennial Kingdom will not stand a full generation.

I believe that my father’s death has become a call for awakening, lightning in the sky. Jesus said, “I returned. It is time to establish your relationship with Me.”

MHN: Your father 40 years preached the gospel around the world. If he was disappointed with how the events were distributed across America and other countries of the world?

I don’t want to speak for him, but I’m sure he would want impact on the world was great. His preaching greatly influenced the lives of many people. I meet such people all over the world. Their lives changed dramatically when they visited the Ministry of the Pope or see him on TV. Now these people in Ministry. It missionaries, pastors, leaders and parents who raise their children. I’ve seen it. But the impact on our country… There is something missing, right?
And so we need to return to the issue of the relay. That Christian parents could not convey the truth, which would lead to the faith of their child. We may have decided that it is the task of the Church or of the professionals, and wouldn’t do it themselves. There’s something wrong. Because instead the country has become better, we become worse. We moved further away from God’s Word. Perhaps in response to what my father did, the enemy – and I’m talking about spiritual warfare – decided to attack to destroy the effect of the service of my father, other people and the Church. But we know that in the end victory will be ours.

MAN: the Near future. What do you imagine that you see what you hear? God is at the helm? What do you think about the events occurring in America?

Yes. Part of me is excited, because we have a President – although I know that we have problems with the way it is expressed, but its policy is aimed at supporting biblical values. Now I applaud him and pray for him. I believe that he was in a dangerous place. I feel like the enemy wants to tear him to pieces with his policies, which aims to support biblical values.

MHN: have we Lost the fear of God?

Yes, Yes, this happened in the Church and beyond. We live as if God is not Holy, is not omnipotent, not clean. Fear of God is when we fear God in a healthy sense of the word…
It keeps us of sin, enables us to be in right relationship with Him. As with the father. As a child I was afraid of my father. I didn’t do anything that was displeasing to him. I didn’t want to displease him. My father in my entire life slapped me twice. Usually this was done by mom. But I had a healthy fear, which was based on an incredible love to the father. I didn’t want to hurt him, disappoint him or make you cross the line.
Fear of God is based on love to God. We don’t want to hurt Him, don’t want to do something unpleasant to Him. And yet there is the factor of respect. God is God and we’re us. And that’s the difference.
As you know, the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God. We have the technology, have the knowledge, have great minds, and while we do the greatest stupidity because we have no wisdom. If a person has no fear of God, he has no wisdom.

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