Annual conference in Armenia: “In Christ there is no fear of men”

From 21 to 24 June in Yerevan hosted the Annual big conference, which was visited by the pastors of the churches “Word of Life” from the United States, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and other countries.

Preachers throughout the conference inspired the Church to carry God’s word to the people, touching on different issues affecting the spiritual life and growth of Christians.

The main speakers of the conference were senior pastor of Church “Word of life” in Yerevan Artur Simonyan, pastor Leonid Malko from the United States, as well as the famous Evangelist, preacher, founder of the movement “Awakening Europ” and pastor of Bethel Church in California Ben Fitzgerald.

Pastor Leonid Malko noted the importance of spiritual experience because he is growing our faith: “Based on this experience, we can help others to believe and trust God.”

“We are responsible for that grace which God has given us. And we must shoulder that responsibility, not living on the people’s opinion and in the opinion of Jesus. Our criterion should be God, not people, said Ben Fitzgerald. God is not looking for perfect, but someone who is ready to go. In Christ there is no fear of men. In Christ every Christian is anointed and has a price. In Christ every Christian can bring change and can provide answers in this world. And it’s not our strength, but of God.”

In conversation with the portal 316news pastor Ben spoke about the feelings from the conference: “I love Armenia, I like the conference “Word of Life”. Here are gathered people from different Nations, and we have just a wonderful time. And the word that burns in my heart is what God wants to do more in this country, through the life of each person individually. And in my heart, burn the word that we will see thousands saved in Armenia, and many will share the gospel. Throughout the conference my head was this phrase: Christ lives in every Christian. He lives in everyone.”

It is worth noting that during the prayer, many were healed, the deaf hear, the pain passed, people are supernaturally freed from fear, from addictions, from demons. The power of the Holy spirit touched everyone present.


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