Annual conference of the doctors of the Christians

Over the weekend. from 16 to 17 June in Warsaw (Poland) hosted the fifteenth annual conference of the world network of doctors-Christians (WCDN).

The conference was attended by about 400 people from 17 countries, including South Korea, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Spain and Poland.

On the first day, June 16, there were 6 case studies and 3 special lectures.

Among the other speakers were the Ministers of the Manmin Church of Seoul (South Korea).

During the event, participants presented cases of healing through the prayer of faith, as well as medical confirmation.

On the first day of the conference, the elder of the Manmin Church Chunyu Yang revealed the theme of the influence of the spiritual world.

“People say they know about the spiritual world. But this special lecture was very deep and forced us to open our hearts to the understanding of the spiritual realm,” said one of the participants of the conference.

Also during the event, attendees praised God in songs and dances together with the group of praise of the Manmin Church. After Sunday services there were presentations of case studies in different areas of medicine.

The next conference will take place in Israel in 2019.



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