Antioch Church has received from Russia the help for the reconstruction of destroyed during the war in Syria churches


29 November 2018 at the convent of the Dormition Orthodox Church of Antioch, located near the city of Tartus (Syria), his Beatitude Patriarch of Antioch and all the East John X with the representative of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia at the Patriarchal throne of Antioch, hegumen Arseniy (Sokolov), reports patriarhiei. During the meeting, father Arseny presented His Beatitude arrived from Russia of the employee of the Russian presidential administration, I. P. and Kharitonov, representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia M. A. Zelnick, who came to Syria with the blessing of his Holiness Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and on behalf of the leadership of the Russian Federation.

The guests told the Primate of the Orthodox Church about the purpose of his visit, consisting in assisting the restoration of the destroyed during the hostilities of the two Orthodox churches, one of which is located in the suburbs of Damascus, the town of Arbin (East ghouta), the other in the town of Zabadani on the border with Lebanon, and also in providing aid to the hospital, located in the village of al-Hosn (in HOMS province).

I. P. Kharitonov and M. A. Zelnick presents his Beatitude Patriarch of the funds intended to restore destroyed during military operations in Eastern ghouta Orthodox elementary school. His Beatitude cordially thanked the representatives of Russia for the help and wished them God’s help in their noble mission in Syria and gave his benediction.

The meeting was also attended by the superior of the Dormition monastery abbess makrina and the third Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Syria, T. A. side.

After the meeting with his Beatitude Patriarch John of guests from Russia, accompanied by hegumen Arseny and T. A. Bokova went to the hospital, “al-Hosn”, which were adopted by its head Dr. Khalid Azdi. In the course of the conversation I. P. Kharitonov and M. A. Zelnick asked the head of the hospital, any medications, supplies, tools and equipment need a medical facility, and promised soon to supply the hospital with all necessary.

After visiting the hospital, I. P. Kharitonov and M. A. Zelnick accompanied by a representative of the Patriarch of Moscow to Patriarch of Antioch went to Damascus.

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