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From the talk of the Archpriest Maxim Kozlov in the “Peering into the tradition of” you know what Saved Apple and at what number it falls in 2018.

What Saved Apple?

The Feast Of The Transfiguration, Savior Of The Apple Feast. What is this event and why it is included among the 12 major events of the Church’s liturgical year?

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Shortly before His sufferings on the cross, Jesus Christ rises at mount Tabor, taking His three closest disciples: James, John and Peter, and is transformed, that is changed in front of them.

One of the evangelists, mark, writes:

His clothes became shining, exceedingly white, like snow, how on earth bailiwick could bleach them. His face began to Shine like the sun.

Christ appeared to the two old Testament righteous: Moses and Elijah. They besedovala with Him about what was going to happen soon. And then the Apostle Peter says movingly:

We’re so good, Lord, here with you, we will do the tent. You the one, the one we are with Moses and Elijah, and will stay here.

He meant, of course, forever. Let all that at the bottom of this mountain, we’ll never touch.

But the Lord takes him, the two apostles, and comes down into this world. Soon to go on the sufferings on the cross, but they will know that He is not just infinitely good man, not just true to the principles of His sermon, moral teacher, not convinced of the truth of His ideas, the philosopher that He Is the Son of God. People, of course, present, not phantom, and the nature of man, but also God, the Son of the living God.

Since then it has become one of the key provisions of the Christian faith. In fact, without it there is no Christianity. Without having to confess Jesus Christ as a real person (not just another reincarnation, not a disembodied spirit, which had only a semblance of the flesh, but a real person), but the true God.

Not the Son of God, Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, in the sense that all good men are God’s children, and especially not for Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov — just a good man and true God.

The feast of the Transfiguration is also indication of a reminder that no matter how different times or had a hard life, no matter how feeble we may seem to ourselves, whatever the apparent triumph of evil takes place in reality and in history, the universe is not simply a running car that exists farther down its own internal laws and moving on your motor. That beloved creature of God, and man is the crown of this creation.

The Lord is not always clear to us, but doubtless led by His love the way is this whole Universe, all creation and every person to ensure not to deprive him of the possibility of the same transformation, the same prosiane and touching the God that is experienced by the apostles on mount Tabor. And that it’s real, knew for centuries many ascetics. Those who were called Hesychasts, that is molchalnikov on mount Athos. Or such as the venerable Seraphim of Sarov, our great Saint of the late XVIII – early XIX centuries, which left the conversation with the landowner Nikolai Motovilov, which told him that this grace of the Holy spirit. Showed that what is warm, what tenderness, what a joy, what it is – not speculative-philosophical, and real-life touch to the Living God.

And today’s holiday with all the apples, all grapes, which it is already possible to eat after Church, since last Friday, from this small joy Apple-grape feel, smell, and taste, to the great joy of the all-pervading grace of God — reminder: do Not be afraid of evil!

The one Who is with us is always stronger than one who is against us.

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What Saved Apple in 2018?

In 2018 Apple feast day will be celebrated on 19 August.

The History Of Apple Spasa

Savior of the Apple feast is celebrated in the midst of the gathering of the summer harvest. Apples these days are ripe and juicy. People do preparations for the winter, cook Apple jam, next on the calendar and holiday Honey spas.

Apple Spas, celebrated every year on the same day – August 19. Celebrates the revelation of Jesus Christ before the apostles, His disciples in the divine nature. On mount Tabor Jesus was with His close disciples, when they saw the beautiful transfigured face of Christ, and a voice from heaven told them that before them the Son of God. Thanks to this event called the Savior of the Apple feast of the Savior on the mount.

Orthodox Christians to this day are trying to transform internally, and although we cannot approach the divine Holiness and purity, people try to change their lives, to get rid of bad habits, to correlate their actions and thoughts with Scripture.

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The Tradition Of Apple Spasa

The evening before the festival, big Church service, and in the morning Liturgy with a procession. The temples are decorated with lights, and the priests this day serving in festive white vestments. Parishioners often bring with them baskets with apples, grapes and other tree fruits, and ears of wheat. After the consecration of the fruits can be eaten.

On this day the believers are asked to bless their crops. The main symbol of the holiday is still Apple, which not eat before the blessing. During the feast the Dormition fast continues, so other restrictions in eating also remain in force.

Previously it was believed that on this day, the Angels treat the souls of the dead children apples in the sky, so it was decided to leave the Apple on the grave of the deceased child. But this is nothing more than a secular belief, are not related to Orthodoxy.

Poems about Apple Spas

Alexander Blok – The Transformation

Open fogs,
Petrel on the wave,
Flying hurricanes
In the endless sky.
In the bright day of Transfiguration
The spirit of a madman amazed:
From bondage, confusion
Thy voice he heard.
Now mournful, now poor,
In the bosom of the Eternal Father,
Near You, pale blue
Wants a new end…
Only one country in the fog
(Puffin on a wave) –
Restless desire
Together with God in the sky.

Sergei Esenin – The Transformation

Maturing time of Transformation,
He will come, our Light and airy Guest
Of the crucified patience
Remove variabley nail.
From morning and noon
Singing in the sky thunder
Like buckets, our weekdays
He will fill with milk.
And from evening to night,
That never sets the glory of the region,
Will the stars prophesy
Crepsley harvest.
And when over the river the month
Bow to drink the water, —
He, in rook gilded overhangs,
Float away in their gardens.
And from the womb blue,
Widely waving his paddle
Like an egg we’ll drop the word
With problematise chick.

Boris Pasternak – August

As promised, not deceiving,
Infiltrated the sun in the morning
Scythe stripe saffron
From the curtains to the sofa.

It covered the hot ochre
The neighbouring forest, village houses,
My bed, the pillow wet
And the wall behind the bookshelf.

I remembered what it was about
Slightly damp pillow.
I dreamed that I was seeing
Were you one after the other.

You were in the crowd, apart and in pairs,
Suddenly someone remembered that today
Sixth of August, old,
The Transfiguration Of The Lord.

Commonly light without flame
Comes this day from Tabor,
And autumn, clear as the sign
To itself attracts the eyes.

And you passed through the small, miserable,
Naked, trembling alder
Ginger-red forest cemetery,
Burning as the print stick.

With hushed its vertices
Side by side the sky is important
The votes of cock
Echoed Dahl drawl.

In the forest state samlemesse
Death stood among the churchyard,
Looking into the face of my deceased,
To dig a hole for me for growth.

Were all noticeable physically
Calm voice of someone close.
The old voice of my visionary
Sounded, untouched by decay:

“Farewell, azure of Transfiguration
And gold is the second of our Saviour.
The last tender caress women’s
To me the bitterness of the fatal hour.

Farewell, the years of bezwremennika,
Dispose of abyss of humiliation
Challenging woman!
I — your field of battle.

Goodbye, wingspan spread wide,
Flight free perseverance,
And the image of the world, the word manifested,
And creativity, and Chudotvortsa”.

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