Israeli archaeologists found what looked like the floor of the second Jewish temple. Here is an amazing story of how new discoveries enliven the Bible.

This major discovery was made when archaeologists reconstructed the tiles 2,000 years ago from the second Jewish temple built by king Herod.

“It is on these floors trod by the priests and other members of the priesthood and pilgrims coming to the temple mount. These tiles Jesus walked when He came to the temple mount,” says archaeologist Gaby Barkay.

This discovery followed the resonant case in 1999, when tons of debris was illegally removed from under the Temple mount to build an underground mosque.

“We now have fragments of floor tiles, — continued the archaeologist. — They were produced over 12 years of experience with earth from the Temple mount. We identified about ten years ago. We realized that they were that gender.”

The project of sifting soil from the Temple mount began in 2004. For over ten years, volunteers and professionals from Israel and other countries have studied the rock from the Temple mount, making historical discoveries.

“The first time we were able to recover one of the elements of the architecture of the second temple in Jerusalem, continues Gabi Barkai.

Archaeologists have confirmed the authenticity of these fragments based on their sizes, materials, and production methods.

“I never thought I would be able to find something that is directly related to the Church,” — said the archaeologist.

Project Manager archaeologist Gabi Barkay explained why this discovery should be important to Christians: “This is the same Paul, who was showered with coins when Jesus turned over the tables of money changers. On this floor was rolling those coins.”

“Mentioned several times about how Jesus sat with His disciples in the porticos and taught them right there. They stood or sat there, on that floor,” — says the expert on floor tiles, a researcher and mathematician Frankie Snyder. She played a key role in the recovery of fragments of tiles.

“This is the first sample of the period of Herod, that I was able to recover,” she says.

Snyder has restored decorative patterns, following the geometric principles known in the decorations of the palaces of Herod.

“In the patterns of the age of Herod, all mathematically perfect. Size, shape, the way everything is Packed, just amazing,” continues Frankie Snyder.

Until now it was discovered about six hundred fragments of colored genital tiles.

“Like put a puzzle but without the picture on top of the box. You don’t know what the result will be a pattern, and you’ve only got 1% of the tiles. We are not trying to prove anything. We all know that the Church was, but we can show you more clearly what he was,” says Frankie Snyder.

For many years visitors to the Temple mount believed that Herod’s temple was of white stone. Now, says Barkai, restored floor tiles gives a clearer idea of the magnificence of the second Jewish temple.

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