Archaeologists have unearthed the lost in Novgorod the Church of the XIV century – Your Bible

Scientists of Institute of archeology discovered the well-preserved wall of the Church of Andrew the Holy Fool in Sitka – the main temple of Sitestogo monastery, completely destroyed by now, the press service of the Institute.

This temple is in the vicinity of Veliky Novgorod is protected by the state as a Federal monument of architecture. To date, however, he was completely hidden under ground. Excavations this year revealed that almost lost monument can be useefficiency and prepare for public display, according to “Interfax-religion”.

“The Church of Andrew the Holy Fool in Sitka is like a Ghost: on the one hand, it is included in the list of monuments of Federal significance and worth gosohrany, and on the other hand, it is, in fact, no. That is, it is a monument of architecture, which at the same time not, and at the same time it is only completely hidden under the ground,” – said the Deputy head of the Novgorod architectural and archeological group IA RAS Marina Vdovichenko.

The researchers believe that the stone Church of Andrew the Holy Fool was built on the site of a wooden Church already existed in the XIV century Sitecom monastery, which was located on the outskirts of Novgorod on a high hill on the Bank of the Wien. In those days, there on the hills there were many monasteries, but now only Nereditsa Church and the Church of the Savior on Kovalev, and about the nearest to Sitecom Kirillov monastery resembles a alley of weeping willows.

The temple has a rare dedication: it is named in honor of Andrew the Holy Fool, whose memory day timed to the holiday of the intercession of the virgin. According to legend, when Constantinople was surrounded by the enemy, the inhabitants of the city gathered in the temple of the MostHoly mother of God at Blachernae. During prayer Andrew saw the blessed virgin, which took off her veil and swept over the worshipers, providing them protection. The description of this vision was the basis for the establishment of Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky in XII century the feast of the Intercession of the virgin.

Scientists believe that conservation and further preservation of the ruins of the Church of Andrew in Sitka is feasible. But immediately after archaeological research disclosed to a height of two meters of the wall of St. Andrew’s Church will be again covered with earth and hidden from view because it is at the moment the only way to preserve the remains of buildings.

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