Archbishop. Clement: unity Council can spend in the former Lenin Museum

Ukrainian house, the former Lenin Museum.

Archbishop klyment said that the Ukrainian house, formerly until 1993, the Lenin Museum, “attracts the supporters of the autocephaly, so that they even at night there are going”.

According to the head of Information Department of the UOC Archbishop of Nizhyn and Pryluky Clement, unity Council on the establishment of the Autocephalous Church may be held in the Ukrainian house, and this building, “both historically and in modern surroundings most accurately corresponds to this event.” He said this in a comment for publication “Strenia”.

The Hierarch noted that “this pseudosobor like this whole thing with tomosaki, to Church life has no relation”.

“Its initiators are not going to talk about how the Ukrainian people to fulfill the commandments of Christ, would be more like all of us to pray, to observe the Christian posts for example of our pious ancestors, – said the head of the outreach Department. Is not audible to the organizers of the Cathedral were worried about the preservation of the Christian’s relationship to the family. Not going there and preaching the gospel among young people to speak, to demand from the government that in the end the gospel has become an integral part of the educational program as it is in developed countries. This just will not be there”.

The Bishop is convinced that this Council will share chairs and titles, and then “under the ovation will give Turkey those ancient Ukrainian churches, which have not yet given.”

“The organizers of all this are puzzled as to take native Ukrainian Church its called, then by the well-tested business scheme to Rob her and assign her temples and monasteries, – said the Hierarch. They will tell you who have what laws to adopt to our Church to liquidate and, thus, millions of its members are citizens of Ukraine, to deprive the fundamental right to freedom of conscience.”

According to him, all these mechanisms are not new and “manuals for this detail to comrade Lenin, the idol which stood in the midst of the Ukrainian house. Therefore, it is logical that the “unification Council” there will be very successful.”

As reported by the SPM, 13 November the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met in the Ukrainian house with the three hierarchs of the UOC. The meeting was held late in the evening, behind closed doors.

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