Archbishop Jonah explained why “triggered” signs

If a person believes a black cat and “unlucky” numbers, the devil adapts to the situation, allegedly confirming this sign

You should always remember that we have the strength to fear the snares of the devil or believe in God, in His omnipotence and His all-powerful help, says the Archbishop Jonah of Obukhov.

If a person believes crossed the road a black cat “unlucky” numbers or anything else, the devil through the other, the same is subject to his influence, people adjust the situation supposedly proving this sign. About it told the portal “Orthodoxy and the world” the vicar of the Holy Trinity ioninsky monastery, Archbishop Jonah of Obukhov.

According to him, “such a primitive way born of observation: crossed the road a black cat – there was some trouble – so the omen “works”. So people are even more imbued with superstition, and the devil more and more gets power over them”.

“I wonder what you can believe not only in Christ. Plenty of people around who believe in anything: that there is no God, in omens, in some political ideas. And this faith is not focused on our Creator is also often given to them,” says the Lord.

Archbishop Jonah says: “we only let in the heart of the vain, futile faith (sue-Veria), as immediately begins to work the devil.”

“You should always remember that our power to choose between God and the devil, afraid of the wiles of the devil or believe in God, in His omnipotence and His all-powerful help. If the heart of man filled with God, the Lord gives faith this heart. If God is pushed out – either fully or partially, superstitions, – then connects God’s adversary, the devil. As far as we believe, so the Lord gives us,” says the Hierarch.

Previously vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis Archbishop Jonah of Obukhov recalled how not to be afraid to rejoice and share the Easter joy with other people.

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