Archbishop Nicodemus: the Power creates the Church for the “elite” of Ukrainians

The Archbishop of Severodonetsk and Starobelsk Nicodemus

The Church is one of the institutions of society, but he is not affected by the reforms of the government, says Archbishop Nicodemus.

Otherwise, each new ruler of the country will “sculpt” the Church under him, to interfere in inter-Church diplomacy, said in an interview with the Archbishop of Severodonetsk and Starobelsk Nicodemus, the press service of the diocese.

“People need to speak the truth as it is. All my life walked the man to the temple, participated in the sacraments, and then on television he said that his Church is supposedly abolished. Here and most calm troubled! And then, in addition to everything else, and the President will say “you here nichogo are Robit” and send the parishioners of the canonical Church in a neighboring country… Citizens of Ukraine!” says Bishop.

According to him, this is “only because the state creates its own Church and, apparently, for the few Ukrainians. now we all labeled as the enemy, and by and large, we were simply toys in a big political game”.

“People say that we in the warring region missing one of the front, the Church’s “front” or the East of Ukraine or the country as a whole just do not need. What’s more, believers say that if there will be a new Church structure, then go there, they will not. This is the position of believers, and it should be considered,” said the Bishop.

He said: “of Course, our Holy Ukrainian Orthodox Church was, is and will be strong in their canonical foundations. Whatever trials and temptations are not subjected to its unity. Thank God we have a wise Primate, his Beatitude Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufry, we have numerous clergy and faithful flock!”.

According to the Hierarch, the power of the UOC “is not documented and pretty loud statements. Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the strong canonicity of their enduring and faithful children, and millions of believers in Ukraine. The way of legalization of the schism, which became Constantinople, the intervention of the state in Church Affairs, attempts to rename our Church… every step, then the unthinkable precedent! But when the time comes, the Lord will put everything in its place. And my faith in God will endure”.

As reported by PWC, informed the diocese of Severodonetsk were in favour of retaining the existing status of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and expressed support to his Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry.

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