When tourists visit Jerusalem’s Old city, they believe that this is the place where king David established his capital 3000 years ago. But this is not true. Archaeologists recently discovered a real city Bible Jerusalem, hiding more than two thousand years.

“Welcome to the city of David. This is the home of the ancient biblical Jerusalem. 150 years ago, everyone thought that the ancient biblical Jews lived within the borders of the old town. The question is, what happened 150 years ago and where the ancient biblical Jerusalem,” says Anarina Hayman. She is the coordinator for public works of the city of David.

Anarina Heyman helped to answer this question, explaining how the city of David has remained hidden for about two thousand years until British archaeologist Charles Warren made the discovery, which continues to this day. His discovery was the beginning of the city of David in modern times.

“Yes, for two thousand years no one knew where the ancient city. The majority of people believed that what they saw in the Old town, and was the ancient biblical Jerusalem. And just when I got it, it became clear that the old Jerusalem is beyond the place we now called Old town,” says Anarina Hayman.

A system of tunnels known as a Warren system that visually tells how king David captured the city and gave life to the Bible.

“When we saw that, immediately everything fell into place, says Anarina Hayman. – Doing the excavation, we even do not know what you are looking for. And then we had to turn to the Bible, which began to clarify. Thanks to the Bible and excavations, we got a full picture of ancient Jerusalem”.

Deeper they found the place where he was anointed king.

“Most of the kings of Israel were anointed in this place. Isaiah says: “in joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation,” says Anarina Hayman.

In fact, the city of David reflects the people from the Bible.

“Here Abraham met Melchizedek… David, Solomon, and then Isaiah uttered the prophecy these walls. Then Jeremiah prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem. All this happened exactly where we are now,” continues Hayman Anarina.

More than 10 years ago, archaeologists have discovered another biblical place – the Pool of Siloam, which was fed by a nearby water source of the Gihon. This is the place where Jesus healed the blind, and where the Jews gathered for the feast of the Lord.

“Three times a year all males had to come to the pool and then go to the temple mount. This is the way in which all the apostles took place again and again, when he came to Jerusalem,” says Anarina Hayman.

Heyman sees this as an unusual confluence of archaeology and prophecy.

“Something unusual is happening. It was said that we are going to do excavations of this road, and the prophecy fulfilled. Because in Isaiah it says: “Ustroit, ustroyut the way.” And said, “Remove the stones for the return of my people.”

One of the excavation is a tunnel leading to the pool of Siloam near the temple mount. Anarina Heyman says that he reveals the past and opens doors into the future.

One of the most ambitious projects in the city of David is an excavation called “givati”, which shows the history of Jerusalem like the stones crying out.

“You get to see how slowly he would disappear from civilization, because one town was built on the other. You can see how the city had lost hope thinking that no one will open it again – shares Anarina Hayman. – Until God will say, nothing can stop it. And we see in Livadi that Jerusalem is gradually revealed”.

Hayman believes that the prophecy is only beginning to unfold.

“We saw it only in the last decade, it is only an echo. We are only beginning to understand what was here before,” says Anarina Hayman.

It considers its role in the city of David a privilege: “I consider myself the luckiest man in the world because I have the opportunity to be a part of what we see here, to tell people about the city of David, ancient Jerusalem. And every person who is serious about biblical prophecies, should know this”, – said the coordinator for public works of the city of David Anarina Hayman.

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