Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): Let’s take attack Paradise!

In five short words the Jesus prayer is the perfect therapy for the soul, a story of true love and the description of the main life goals for anyone. What are these five words and how to use them to find a place in Paradise, explains the Archimandrite Andrei (Konnos).


  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): the Lord sets our rhythm in which everything happens on time
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): the Good news is that you will be in Paradise!
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): In communion there is no magic and magic just comes into us the Lord
  • Archimandrite Andrew (Cananas): Mooring, we like playing with jewelry children

All earthly and heavenly treasures

Archimandrite Andrew (Konnos)

What is the meaning of these words – “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”?

First, we are saying this prayer, glorify Christ called Him Lord. Else to add here, for example, God (Jesus Christ), or to the Almighty (God Almighty), or all-powerful, Wise, Strange, in General, many other beautiful words, which only come to mind.

At the moment of pronouncing of this prayer, you worship God, acknowledge His existence, acknowledge that you are not alone in this world; that there is Someone else near, around and in you, Who embraces the entire Universe and created everything. Who Is The Lord.

But then, at the word of the Lord, in prayer there is a personal, human name – Jesus. Lord Jesus Christ… And if the word of God, we emphasize the transcendence of God, His inaccessibility, eternity and infinity, the saying of Jesus Christ, thereby are talking about human nature. That is, these words admit two natures of Christ – divine and human. In saying this, we acknowledge that Jesus is Lord, that Christ is God, unattainable God, the mystery of Which not even angels know them. And at the same time, this God is so accessible and tangible that you can touch Him, see Him, to portray, to speak with Him and listen to Him in the Person of Jesus Christ, Who is God.

Isn’t it amazing?

And if someone will ask you about God, you know what to do? To take the icon of Christ and show with the words: “This is God” As God? God can’t be outlines, of a person cannot be color… No, it’s God. And here is His mouth, eyes, hair. This Is God. The Lord Is Jesus, Jesus Is Lord.

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth; and we beheld His glory (Jn 1:14). God came down to earth, and now It’s available – we look up to the Lord, our Christ, and through prayer understand that the divine and human nature joined in His personality. On earth there are places where there was a Lord lived, walked, was crucified and rose again. And appeal to Him to fit the whole story of Christ, His whole life, everything you can say about Him; all that hides in it the word Christ, all earthly and heavenly treasures. We glorify God, called Him Lord. God – we say – people have blasphemed You, punched, spat and crucified. But I, two thousand years later, coming to You and calling You day and night, calling the Lord Jesus Christ – You, Whose earthly life was called obsessed and the lost, casting out devils by Beelzebub. And I’m calling You Lord, I admit that Thou art God, my God. Like a blind man once called You with the words: “Lord, have mercy on me, let me see!” And I admit that I did not, and You’re God.

Want God to pay attention to me?

Crone Gabriel said that Jesus prayer is a resounding slap to our ego, our “I”. To say Christ is Lord, to come to terms, to understand that you’re not the Lord, i.e. the Lord in this world, and he, He – all. Because the word of the Lord that’s what it implies – everything. We need the humility to recognize who you are and Who He is. To admit that you’re nothing. Since recently you just haven’t been forgotten, my friend? There was neither you, nor I, nor all those who are close to us – our children, spouses, relatives… all of Us just weren’t, we weren’t born yet. And He was. Who? The Lord Jesus Christ. And we were born when He wanted it, in a certain period of time. He has always existed, exists and will exist. He is ever-unending Eternally existent, He is the Christ, and this prayer we acknowledge Him, worship Him, serve and accept that we are nothing before Him, our Lord. We are negligible. And that’s how we referred to ourselves in this prayer – have mercy on me, – speaks of the smallness of our self. In this me – me and you and all of us. Our names sound together with the name of Christ, but we are so small compared to Him! Between us – the Gulf. God is one and man more. God is something that cannot be understood. As they say in the Anaphora at the divine Liturgy: “You are Bo art God ineffable, unknown, invisible, incomprehensible, ever Present, takoda Son (that is, Existing forever and always The same – approx. translation.)”

And who am I? Earth, clay, mud.

Stand on the scales. No matter how many pounds you weigh 80 and 90, is all the weight of dirt. 80 pounds of dirt. You’re dirt, and me. And He Is the One Who covers himself with light thou a garment.

And here you are, a lump of dirt, and turn to Christ Who Is All and want to stretch the bridge over the abyss that Separates you from Him. Do you know how to do this? With the help of amazing, miraculous, powerful and saving word’s sake. Have mercy on me! It is the mercy of God overcomes the distance between the creature and the Uncreated.

After all, our God is NetWare, He Is the Creator of all, and we’re finite creatures, involved in the decay and death. But we come to Christ, and pray, saying “Lord Jesus Christ! Thou art God, Almighty and incomprehensible, and I was the one You were brought here, to this world from nonexistence to existence. You gave me life. I – weak, small people with their problems and concerns. Who am I and Who are You? Can you hear me? Understand me? I’m sending You an SOS – can You hear me?”

One person told me so: “I pray to God, but unless He wants to pay me attention?” Really, really God listens to people? He, God, is He listening, does He have us? Is. And you know why? Because He has what we ask in our prayer, “have Mercy on me!” He is merciful. The Lord is Great Mercy. And that His grace connects us with Him, it is the bridge that connects the created person with the uncreated God. And this is happening thanks to the wonderful prayer when you little man, be with God with just a few words. You say, “have Mercy on me!” and the Lord comes and shows mercy. Isn’t it beautiful?

Prayer is a love story


But, of course, to say those words, needs love. Prayer is the love story, which composes the Christian poet, the Christian artist. As said by the elder Porphyrios, to portray God in your heart, you need to be an artist. To love God with all my heart when it was softened, and you glorify, and worship and acknowledge that Christ is Lord and our God. Love is needed.

This prayer need here’s why. She tells us what to think about in the first place.

Now, if I ask you – not now, of course, but at other times – that is now most important for you? Mother would say, “My child”. The father will say: “Wife, children, money.” Student answer: “homework exams”. The young man says in response: “the Girl that I like. Driver’s licence…”. See? Much in our lives we consider it fundamental. Money, health, fashion clothes… If you look at mine, yours, our thoughts, we find that the most important for us are completely different things.

And the Jesus prayer tells us that the main thing for us – the primary topic for reflection, the primary object of love and affection is paramount in must be Christ.

In other words, the prayer of Jesus gives us to understand that the most important thing for us is the main theme for thought, the main question is Jesus Christ. Not money, say, or health.

Unfortunately, often we think exactly the opposite. Yes. After all, every day we pray about health! “Oh, God, health to me is everything! The main thing – not to get sick, the main thing is to get well!” That is the main thing for us is not Christ, but something else.

And the prayer of Jesus tells us: “No! Christ is all”.

Any problem will ever disappear. All the problems come and go, it is so relative, and what bothers you right now, will go too. And Jesus Christ always will be. And you know what makes the Jesus prayer? She gives us a true guide, pointing the way to where the true Beginning of all beginnings, where the Sun, the morning star, where is the Source of life. You know?

If it is to understand what the main thing in our life is Christ, not you, not me, not the money, not all of what is now so is our mind – know what’s gonna happen? We’ll calm down. Calm down and get better. Because, you know, where we have all the problems? Illness, anxiety, stress – you know, from all of this? From how we love. We have a sick, dependent love.

The perfect therapy for the soul


We constructed relative to the absolute, cleave, crave and depend on that love. Isn’t that the whole point? Remember, you yourself told me that when you left a girl, you ache and a little crazy is not gone…

Why is this happening? Because the issue of life and death for us all, anything but Christ. Hence the disease.

But the Jesus prayer is a kind of ideal therapy for the soul, spiritual treatment. It gives a feeling of balance, makes the psyche balanced; turns him in the right direction, puts in the correct position in relation to yourself and to others and to God. “Everything should be in place, says this prayer. – No need for anything to cling to.”

When you die – and by the way, how much would you like to live? A hundred years? Yes, even more than a hundred, still, when you and I leave this world, the first thing we will see is not the computer; not our body that we are so in love, almost divine; no face, which was so carefully taken care of; not the hair, which is carefully painted and nourished; not a car or something. The first person we will see will be Jesus Christ.

And if That’s the Lord Jesus Christ, in Which All you have today, being in the Church, can touch and embrace me with humility and insight from God, can there be on earth someone smarter than you? If now rush to meet Him, to hug Him, to make “his” to have Them, then the earth will not be a person smarter and more beautiful you.

And all will be right in its place, if Christ be your Lord, the most critical issue was the most pressing problem. Anything else will not be to upset you and you won’t get sick from grief – even if I die close. Yes, you will grieve, mourn it – because you’re a man, endowed with feelings, but say, “He died because he is not of the Lord. The Lord Jesus Christ and He is alive.”

“I am the resurrection and the life,” saith the Lord.

See what’s happening? Everything you love, what you serve here on earth, goes: people betray, hurt, grow old and die; things go bad, rot, break down, start to smell, they should be discarded. And we are all that we serve, we allow them to dominate him in this life.

We do live in an age of idolatry – so many officers and “gentlemen.”

What is not on the ground

Once I was on the bus, looking out the window (I have a curiosity, sorry) and saw an inscription on the wall: “No God, no boss!” It is written by some anarchists who are against anyone above yourself.

But it is only in words. In General, if we are not deified, for example, even though your ego would be wonderful. But we have thousands of gods, thousands of masters. When a person hates Christ, when He to the Lord, the Lord will certainly be something else, so we are organized. People just need something to cling to, something to give. Yes, we can’t become gods, to think of such a thing it would be arrogant, bluster devilry. But something we will certainly give you my heart, that’s for sure. We need something that owns. Not God – so self, body, ideas, opinions, sports team, political party, etc. something for us by God anyway. And as some point will come the disappointment, we will fall into despair and will to survive, to cry. Do not count on the stars – they are secured in loosely; do not let anything or anyone to rule over them, except Me, Jesus Christ! That’s what he’s talking about the Jesus prayer.

That is our Lord Jesus Christ is a major issue in our lives, the main Personality. Nothing more. Neither the radio program to which I am prepared; not what you’re thinking; not our actions and deeds in the future – none of this is major. Only Jesus Christ. He’s Everything.

Elder Porphyrios constantly and said: “Christ is All!”

I remember, dear, you once said to me: “the Computer is everything to me!” Clear. But after that, you yourself said that your computer broke. So it may not be for everyone. “I’ll fix him!” you said then. Fix it, and then it will break again. And if not break, the day will come when the “break” you because you’re corruptible, and once you leave this world and not be able to bring your computer.

I remember one boy said to me:

– Father, I would never sleep!

Why? – I asked.

– Well, that is a dream to play computer games! So frustrating to stop and go to bed!

This baby has already made the computer as their God and master. But the disappointment will come for sure. Disappoint game will disappoint people – I in no event do not want that for you, but it will. We are all mortal, and decay gives the decay. People can’t give each other something infinite, eternal because here on earth, this simply no.

Are we ready to capture the Heaven?


And the prayer of Jesus puts everything in its place. And you relax, find harmony, balance, his place in this world. Leaves a feeling of uncertainty. Well, when I heard Jesus prayer and welcome the Lord becomes yours! Capture Paradise – that’s what it is. Now everything is taken by storm – good schools, universities, – let’s take attack Paradise! The only question is – are we ready to do this? And find yourself a place there? I will say this: you repeat the prayer of Jesus – find. To repeat constantly, constantly – can you? Can. Just don’t want to. You can, but don’t want to. For a variety of reasons.

Is it possible that our Lord Jesus Christ has not pardoned one who in life called Him – constantly, consistently, humbly, patiently, persistently, lovingly and wholeheartedly, without a divergence of words with business? After all, in this prayer, we ask for mercy, the gift of heaven. Does He not give heaven, if all my life to ask Him about it?

If so God helps the people who even do not call, do not know love, and He comes and helps them, because He is love, then surely He is not going to help you life cry out to Him with the words “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”?

Once, when I was standing at the crossroads, I was approached by a beggar and asked for money. The little things I had, it was fifty cents and the Euro. Usually I give half a Euro, but this beggar had something that made my heart soften, and I thought, “what a suffering and pleading in those eyes!” How this man is begging, literally forced me to give him more money. And then I thought: “Perhaps that is the way we should be before God – not just to ask about something, and beg with all my heart. Then He will give.” The request must come from the depths of the soul, with pain, love, lust and tears. And then while praying in us will Wake up and bloom the grace that we have in the sacrament of Baptism, when we entered Christ. Remember, the baptized are dressed in a “bright robe”? This white garment symbolizes the purity and Holiness of divine grace, symbolizes Christ Himself, because “the Jelica mountain Krestitelja in Christ, in Christ obligates (you who were baptized into Christ, have clothed yourselves with Christ)”.

We are baptized in the name of Christ, and clothed It like the other clothes, as if wrapped in a blanket. Where Christ Is? In us. How so? We don’t see It! Not see, not feel, and because at heart we’re empty, sad and lonely; we cry, complain and murmur, we are constantly in need of new entertainment, the people around to be comforted. But Christ is with us, He in us.

But we don’t call Him, don’t want to see – we have so much else is! And He humbly waits for His “turn”. He can wait. Stand in line. Maybe someday he will call Me to come to him with Their gifts. Now he is busy with fashion, TV, delicious food, interesting shopping… When he calls Me that I appeared to him?..

And the prayer of Jesus just asks, “Lord, hear, come to us, show His face, and then we will be saved! We want to see You, Lord, I want to see light in Your light. Can’t You hear, if you call You?”


Translation Yelizaveta Terentyeva for the portal “Orthodoxy and the world”

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