Architect in miniature: 86-year-old retired Colonel makes the Church of matches

The work of Vladimir Guralnik is not an art that will take racks in galleries, and Souvenirs for sale in the Arbat. Hobby helps him to live, and sometimes these temples from matches is the only thing that remains of the monuments of wooden architecture.

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Vladimir Guralnik, Colonel, retired, 86 years old. In 40 years, was fond of history and all of a sudden began to make miniature wooden churches. From his collection in the city library suburban Mytischi to create a Museum.

My teacher was the famous academician Alexei Pavlovich Okladnikov archaeology on a global scale. We helped in the excavations of various settlements and once dug up one of the old believer churches, rather, only its frame. I think we need to do to keep. And here sat the evening at home and did the temple of the matches. Turned out well, the temple has even taken to the Department. From this day on and off my fascination with wooden temples. Then he began to travel to different cities to take pictures, someone sent me pictures.

About the temple in Antarctica, the chapel in the Dachau Museum and his works

Every temple is an exact replica of a real temple that I made from scrap materials – matches, Popsicle sticks, corks. And each temple has a rich history, can talk for hours.

For example, our Perlovskaya temple built by the Barley brothers, who traded tea and provided them all of Moscow. And since then all the rich merchants were patrons of the arts and considered it an honour for the country to do something good, the brothers built the temple. His rector Georgiy Izvekov was shot at Butovo. Was there once on tour… I Think young people need to know about it. Then, because we believed that the enemies of the people, and begin to understand – normal people.

It turns out that in Chukotka is the world’s largest wooden Church. Saw it on the Internet, found the address, wrote to the Abbot, asked to send photos of the temple from different angles. It stands on the banks of the ocean, began to rot, then it is coated against moisture and water, and the temple turned red.

The whole history of the Church in Antarctica. It was made in Sergiev Posad from specially impregnated birch wood, then dismantled and the ships are lucky to Antarctica, and there reassembled. Its peculiarity is that the inside is made hooks, which are attached to chains that are stretched and hold the temple. And each time a new expedition to serve in this new temple comes the priest.

Did simple chapel, which stands on the site of the former Dachau concentration camp in Germany, the oldest Church in Moscow region, which was built by the father of Ivan the terrible. I once went with a group on a tour of the Museum of Mikhail Prishvina, and while everyone was watching, I decided to run around and found the chapel made it too.

Best in my collection – more than 200 temples. Collected and donated to the city of Mytishchi in the library, we created the Museum.

Introducing Ilya Glazunov, the meeting with Valery Zolotukhin and the future Patriarch Kirill

Architect miniature temples call me by that name. Family and friends are at first surprised: “but why are you doing this?”, and now much used. This is my main hobby. I can’t say that doing it professionally, otherwise would receive the money for it. Some ask: “but what you do with it? Bring on the Arbat!”, but I can’t.

All of my consecrated temples, once you do, immediately take it to Church, and believe that selling these things is an abomination, a gift – Yes, I give.

Once at the exhibition in Moscow met with the artist Ilya Glazunov, then a few time we met was on the opening day, I could call him to consult. The exhibition in Danilov monastery met with Metropolitan Kirill, the future Patriarch.

A few years ago, made a photo copy of the temple which was built by Valery Zolotukhin in his native Altai region, photographed their work and sent to the theater “Contemporary”. And a week later I was invited to meet Zolotukhin, I gave him his temple. After death he was buried in his native village, near the temple.

About the modern temple construction, active ageing, and interest in life

In the wooden temple and the stone – a completely different feeling. Unfortunately, some temples, copies of which I did already burned, but what can you do. And now the temple was built almost identical. It is clear that this is linked to funding… But before that, each built a temple – it’s an event! And I think, should be approached individually, each Shrine should have its own architectural feature.

How I came to faith? When in the 70-ies of seriously ill mother, I went to the temple and talked with the father, prayed, it became easier. And since I once believed. My favorite Church of the Epiphany in the village of Borodino.

Each person should have some interest in life. If it is lost, the person ceases to exist or becomes an inveterate drunkard, or hurt and result in long lives. I have many such examples, especially friends from the army: as they say, left, the belt was removed and died. Other times there are no classes.

After dismissal I went to work in school – led initial military training and part of history in the elementary grades, then went to DOSAAF. Permanent occupation in something that helps a person to grow old. Sometimes I bike, I am a senior in the house. I don’t know what it’s like to live without the Internet, there are always looking for photos of temples, calling friends on Skype.

Although, of course, old age makes itself felt. But what could be bad? To whom much is given, and so he will live, if yourself into the ground will drive ahead of time. I have a good family, two children, granddaughter, waiting for great-grandchildren. I say, “you’re alive, because churches do, God keep you!”.

Of the military child, the Day of Victory and life in Germany

On the day when the war started, I was my grandmother – she lived near the Bauman garden, which is now the metro station “Red gate”. I think it was Sunday, 9am. And suddenly on the radio acts Molotov: “the war Started”. We immediately Packed up, boarded the tram and went to our home, to the station pipe. Came, and father had already gone to the front – mother Packed him a bag and carried out.

Soon we the whole class were sent without their parents under the Ryazan, to some boarding school. Was hungry, lonely. And we with my friend Lenya by Zykov decided to flee to Moscow. Leon now too old, but out of touch. We rushed back, got a train, just walked in. And at this moment the Germans approached Moscow. I started to panic. But fled the city, let’s just say, Director of major stores, grocery stores, loaded their cars junk. And simple people took to the streets, and all were digging the trenches, including my mother.

And we boys were in the attic – put out the lighter sand, which the Germans during the raids were thrown at the house. The Komsomol district Committee created a small team of guys, and when started the alarm, ran to the shelter, and we are on the roof.

During the war schools were closed, we didn’t go. Walking, fighting, chasing pigeons – what else guys can do at this age? Pigeons at that time was working as a postman: if Tver in Tver is returned if Moscow – in Moscow.

On 9 may, when the war ended, and Yuri Levitan announced that Germany surrendered… I don’t even know how to say… people like crazy. All rushed to the Red square and to get there was impossible. On the streets dancing, shouting, raised his war on his hands. Near the Bolshoi theatre stood statues of athletes, and they were hung with shoes. People were so tightly he was losing shoes and galoshes, and someone then picked them up and hung on the statues.

My father was initially a gunner, then a mortar, fought in the first tank army Katukova. Went through the whole war, was in Stalingrad. Then he served in Germany. Its front triangles for mom I gave our Mytishchi Museum.

In October 1945, dad made us call and my mom went to visit him in Germany until 1949 lived in a military town in the suburbs of Dresden.

Remember, the owner of our apartment called Ulrich, it was Colonel Panzer army, was taken prisoner to Americans, it wounds a lot. But he was never in the Nazi party, otherwise there would be some kind of General, and remained the commander of the regiment. Perhaps the Outlook was such that did not want to join.

I studied in a Russian school, but with German children talked, ran through the streets, stood in the same queues – there wasn’t any animosity. We are all fluent in German. Remember, in the 50s in Moscow was the exhibition hours, I came in and saw the German clock. Asked about them in German for a guide – he was very surprised I asked it in conversational German with a dialect, indeed, a classic that is taught in schools, is another matter. Got to talking, then to my lemonade drink.

In General the Germans as a people, very sociable. But some nationalists there are in any nation. Then I didn’t get more to go to Germany, but now is not the age.

In 1949 we returned to Moscow. Dad retired from military service, he became a candidate of economic Sciences, involved in the economy of railway construction. Mom graduated from the Moscow Institute of architecture, Department of landscape design. Then long time worked with the artist throughout the exhibition, VDNKH, in the floral pavilion had many of her works. They are head first in the USSR has developed a method of zasoski colors with natural colors and shapes. However, then they did everything with their hands, inhaled solutions and both died of throat cancer…

I studied at school №232, and helped in its construction – we had the bricks painted. My issue was the first. Boxing became a master of sports, the sixfold champion of Moscow. Then he entered the Tbilisi artillery school, which was one of the best in the USSR.

Served 30 years in the army corps of engineers. Ukraine, Belarus, Crimea… Remember, in the Arctic pulled the rope and walked him from the barracks to the barracks – so strong was the wind. 15 years served in the far East, commanded an artillery regiment. Caught the events on Damansky island: when we started to attack, supported by fire. And then I wanted to enter the military Academy, but in those years the army has already begun to fall apart, and a colleague said, “Here is the far Eastern University, do the history and learn.”

At that moment the story I’m not particularly interested in, fell for her in the process – and now all came in handy.

And recently finished making a copy of the Annunciation Church in the village Pasadnea Arkhangelsk province. Her picture and description found in the book of the architect and researcher Vladimir Suslov. Built in 1887! However, it’s gone, dismantled for firewood, but I decided to make – beautiful!

Recorded Nadezhda Prokhorova

Photo: Sergey Shedrin

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