Around the world bike action “World without orphans” will end in the United States

4 may from the Church of Rick Warren in Los Angeles kicks off the final stage of the worldwide bike action “World without orphans”.

With a vision of a world without orphans, a group of former street kids from Mariupol already passed in the cities of Russia, Ukraine and Europe. To complete a global tour of guys lacking only in North America.

The route of the bike tour will pass through palm springs, Phoenix, Memphis, Atlanta, Jacksonville, etc. to be run July 27 in Miami. The locations have provided a number of activities: festivals, recording interviews, family dinners, participation in events, etc.

How to tell the initiator of the project, pastor Gennady Mokhnenko, the team has been faced with difficulties – some cyclists were denied visas.

“All our attempts to open visa for the main core of the team world tour was not a success. The bureaucratic walls of the American Embassy amazingly tough… Despite the request of several senators, representatives are very solid structures and organizers of the stage — to our visa requests turned a deaf ear. Sad…,” wrote Gennadiy Mokhnenko on his Facebook page.

According to him, the team is not going to give up and continued training.

“But stop we can’t… Started you need to complete… In fact, I’m going to last, American stage, with the reserve team… It will be three times more difficult… Boils…” — said the Minister.

Note that in 2011, the tour kicked off in Ukraine. On the bikes the members have traveled all over Ukraine traveled to Russia and Europe.

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