Arthur Simonyan will hold a School of the fivefold ministries

From 19 to November 25, Yerevan will host the School of the fivefold ministries. Chief instructor Arthur Simonyan, the Bishop, the pastor of Church “Word of life” (Armenia).

“Every Christian has a gift. And it is important that people understand what the gift God has placed in him, and was able to serve this gift to others. Our goal at School is to manifest the gift of students and learn to use it properly”, — said Arthur Simonyan.

The training will be conducted in Russian. As noted by the Minister, the school will not scale. The course is accepted only 30-40 people.

In the process of training students will receive extensive teaching about the gifts. In addition, the School will host a tour of Armenia.

Pastor Arthur noted that the conduct of the school, he received by revelation from God: “After a very difficult year, when I lost my daughter and a close friend, I had a meeting with God. He gave me the revelation to teach people to find your gift, develop it and serve them to the Church.”

Broadcast and video/audio training will not. As noted Simonyan, the next school will take place in April-may 2019.

To participate in the school should register by calling +37491282851 (WhatsUp).


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