As a modern Christian should apply to Israel?

According to many historians, preachers and theologians – the Christian attitude to Israel, and to Jews in particular, has varied with the course of history, which entailed a pronounced consequences for entire countries.

Editorial Christian news service GOD.NEWS has conducted a survey among readers to find out the position of the respondents on the question: “How modern Christian should relate to Israel?”, and to the Jews.

The reader was given 5 answer choices:
1) I believe it to be God’s chosen people and to pray and to bless, to be blessed.
2) I believe that to be the chosen people and I pray for peace in this country.
3) I am indifferent to the Jews. I believe that before God all Nations are equal.
4) Jews are not the chosen people. The truth open to them, they crucified Christ.
5) “Other answer” were allowed to Express their opinion in the comments.

Less than 5% (of 610 respondents) scored the fourth and fifth paragraphs, showing their negative attitude to the Jewish people, which was described N.. Berdyaev in his work “Christianity and antisemitism”, by showing systematic and progressive removal of the Church from the Jewish roots.

Whereas 17.5% of respondents pray for the Jews, including Israel favourites, nearly a quarter (24.5 per cent) of the respondents equally apply to all peoples, not believing that God singled out one nation for any purpose.

Less than half (48%) of Christians said that they believe in the election of Israel by God, and pray for the Jewish people a blessing to themselves and to be blessed.

“For the God of Israel is important, He even said that Jerusalem is the joy of the whole earth (PS. 47), but for Christians, Jerusalem is almost devoid of all meaning, as if it exists only for very interested. For God anyway, and if we are laborers together with Him, and if His word says about Israel, then we too must take it seriously,” says Ruard Sorensen, master of theology and politics of the Middle East, head of international organization “Operation Jabotinsky”, and adds: “We are laborers together with God. Just as we work with Him, spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, we must work with Him to be a blessing to Israel and to support the country. Israel occupies a large place in the heart of God, he is mentioned on almost every page of the Bible, just 2357 times.”


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