One couple from Texas found great success in producing leather handbags for sale. Start selling them on ebay, they are then moved to larger production facilities in Mexico and the United States.
But the founders of the “Saddleback Leather” Dave and Suzette Munson are not just counting dollars. They change people’s lives, showing your employees the love of Christ.

In the workshop, where the workers of the company “Saddleback Leather” leather bags are made of the highest quality, worthy of a loud rumble. The company slogan is: “For all her claw after your death!”

“I put him in this sense: after my funeral my family will argue: “Bag will be mine!” “No, me!” “No, me!” says Dave Munson.

It is not surprising that Director of the company with this motto keeps in his office in Texas — a leather coffin.

“I wanted it to be something that will last forever. I thought if God had a company producing leather handbags, it would be the most high-quality leather bags,” he continues.

To learn more about the company “Saddleback Leather”, we went to the city of Leon in the Mexican state of Guanajuato. It is home to almost two million people, and only about eight thousand are Christians. In Mexico Dave Munson saw its first produced the bag. This country has already become a second home for him, his wife Suzette and their children.

“I was a missionary teaching English here in Mexico, and in my head the idea of this bag, says Dave Munson. — I wish it was something like that which would be worn by Indiana Jones. I was looking for this but could not find. But I found a guy who sewed bags, made for him a sketch and asked: “can you sew one for me? No zippers, nothing broken. I wish it was just a piece of leather”. And so he did. And then when I came back after a year of teaching English, I went everywhere with this bag. And no matter where I was, people asked me: “Where can I buy this?” Some clapped me on the shoulder, others specifically went out of its offices on the street: “Where to get this bag?” And then I came back to Mexico, I have made several of these bags. Arriving with them, I sold them right out of the trunk of his old “land cruiser”.
I had the dog — old black Labrador named blue, and I sat him at the back door. The bags I hung on the rack. And the only window was placed the sign “Sold fine leather handbags”.

It all started with one bag, and now look! The company “Old Mexico Manufacturin”, which produces bags “Saddleback Leather”, has more than two hundred people.

However, this is not an ordinary factory. Having worked here for eight years, this designer says that getting to know and work with Masanami changed her life.

“They know what I was when came here, and what are today. Now I’m quite different. Perhaps I have more peace of mind,” says one of the workers.

Dave’s vision is to help their employees to pay them a competitive salary, provide them with the care of children in place, as well as lunch. In addition, it allows the churches to use the cafeteria for classes in Bible study and worship.

“My heart is always open for people. I was doing Ministry full working day up to the time when we met. I always wanted to reach people, I wanted to tell them about what God has done in me, and I wish they had the same thing. So it came very naturally,” he says.

“I’m the youngest of ten children in the family, and my parents were always invited to the home of beggars and the homeless, says Suzette Munson. Often, coming home, I met someone who had never seen before. They were invited for dinner. So I grew up with. I thought it was normal. And it’s so awesome because now I feel that God has given us more opportunities to do the same, but on a large scale. And it brings us true satisfaction.”

“I sometimes call them his “casual Church.” I feel that these are my people, God made me the head and we really care about them,” says Dave Munson.

“At times we passed through very hard time with these families. Sometimes, I go to them, enter their houses. We bring them some supplies and things that we know they need in these difficult times. The memories are still very fresh for me. It seems just yesterday we met with these families, talked to them, questioned them about life. One man said to me, “Now my son is fine, he’s in kindergarten, and my wife now works here, too. Thank you so much for prayers.” Saying this, he became very emotional and said, “Now we are all different, we are infinitely grateful to God, and are eternally grateful to you guys.” So we are involved in the lives of these people. It’s not just a job,” continued Suzette Munson.

“We thought some more. If we really want to reach these people, we need to show them how much we love their children. And one day I called the organization, where he taught English back in nineteen ninety-ninth year, and told the Director: “If we take over the funding, will you be able to found a school here in Leon, and to teach English to the older children of our employees?” This training completely changes their lives,” says Dave Munson.

This school is a family business of Mananov in which one of their 14-year adopted son from Rwanda working as a teacher.

“Now I can say with certainty that God has heard our prayers,” says Dixon Munson.

I think it far surpasses what we imagined. Of course, when I met Dave I knew we were going to do service. There was no doubt. But, of course, I didn’t know that it will be such a scale. We didn’t know that.

This can be called infinitely more than Mansoni asked or thought.

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