As strangers unfamiliar student sheltered

Many years ago, in the notorious Soviet years, I decided to raise the level of education and entered the economic faculty of the Voronezh agricultural Institute. In Voronezh I went to dodavati particular item, because it received the second higher education. And I was all, except for one thing — the lack of seats in the hostel. Spent the night anywhere. One day I was in such a situation, even go and sleep at the station.

Artist Zabolotski Nicholas. “Studying”

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  • Cookie Vice versa

Priest Alexander Dyachenko

Suddenly remembered a friend of mine, Vladimir Nikitin, told me that in Voronezh it at so-and-so relatives. However, long, but, nevertheless, it is a chance to fall asleep as the person on the couch or even on the floor, but in human habitation.

I was lucky: I found the street and house, he even remembered the apartment number. The doorbell rings, woman answers. Hello — Hello. I’m so-and-so, friend Vladimir Nikitin, your family member. However, the name of my friend at that moment I somehow forgot. I’d like a night to spend the night, part-time students, and in the hotel no. In the Soviet years, the hotel lacked chronically.

— Volodya? This is what Volodya?

— Well, who from Lipetsk.

The woman thought for a moment, took off carnation keys and said:

— Well, let’s go. Daughter left it a few days will not. — And led me to another entrance, opened the door to the apartment and left there for the night. — What’s in the fridge you will find — eat, don’t be shy.

The next day when I brought the keys, I was offered to stay another night. And when I came back after exam, on the stove I waited for dinner. And only in the morning of the third day she asked me:

— Look, I don’t know about what you do say? At least describe him.

— Well, such as me, but completely bald. Head like a billiard ball.

— Ah! So you mean “Plain”! As, we all love it! Give him the bow, and I’m sorry if that is not so.

From the money she refused.

The story of “the Plain” from the book of the priest of Alexander Dyachenko “Sholei. Simple and complex stories about people”, published by the “Nike”.

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