CBN reporter Abigail Robertson comes to us from the Washington Bureau to talk about the Syrian refugees, whom she met in the middle East and Europe.

MHN: Abigail, you recently returned from the Middle East and from Europe, where he met with Syrian refugees. I wonder how many of them would prefer to go home and not to come to the United States?

Abigail Robertson: Watching some of the refugees to speak. Those who have already paid for the hard way to Europe want to stay there. They have no plans to return to Syria. But those who now stays in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, just want to return to their homes in their native countries, to their families and hope that they will be able to return as soon as will end the conflict.

MHN: the Church in the United States are seen in the arrival here of refugees the opportunity to introduce the gospel to them. Tell us about it.

As seen in the example of service to “Church World Services” across the country there are many churches that act and see this as a huge opportunity for service. Once refugees arrive in the United States, they are surrounded by love and care, because they had so many things to experience. Christians do not force trying to draw them into the faith, but just by themselves are excellent examples of how Christ wants us to love people. God opens doors to speak about the gospel with people who may still never met a Christian.

MHN: What is our responsibility as followers of Christ? Does this mean that we should help even those who want to hurt us?

Though this is not a popular answer, but I really believe Yes. I think God loves every person in this world, and I believe He calls us to love even our enemies. And I do believe that God can change the hearts of even those horrible people members of ISIS. And I think if we show them love, show them something they did not expect, and as would break their prejudices about Christians and Americans, I think God can change their hearts. And we must love all people who come to us.

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