Asia Bibi languishes in a Pakistani prison just for defending their Christian faith. In June it will be nine years since then, how this Pakistani woman is in jail on charges of blasphemy. She still faces the death penalty, but there is still a chance that justice will prevail. Wilson Chaudhry of the British Association of Pakistani Christians discussed the “CBN News” reports that the Supreme court of Pakistan may soon consider an appeal of Asia.

Wilson Chaudhry, British Association of Pakistani Christians:

No hearing dates have not yet been determined, so the timing is unknown. When you are dealing with the judicial system of Pakistan judicial proceedings of this country, it is often necessary to speak about terms of six months to one year, and it is fast. So it is very difficult to say when the court will consider the appeal. But I can imagine that after about six months.

MHN: it’s been nine years. Hardly anyone in Pakistan has served a longer term of imprisonment on charges of blasphemy. Why Ashiya is still in prison?

It was anathema. Hate her people across the country — just for what she said, “My Lord Christ died for me. What did you Mohammed?” Any sane person will see these words just a harmless question. But she is serving the longest sentence on charges of blasphemy of all that was known until now. The majority of those accused of blasphemy have released directly in a court hall. But this time Supreme court judges are simply afraid to release Asia Bibi. During the hearing, they said that her release is impossible for technical reasons. However, they have not specified what it’s for technical reasons.

MHN: What can we do for Asia Bibi and our Pakistani brothers and sisters in Christ who face these charges and face something similar every day? How can we help them?

First, we need to address to our authorities, and also to the US government that it has increasingly become involved in the situation in Pakistan. And again, we need to trust God. Each of us needs to pray and pray for change not only in government and in the mindset of Pakistanis, but also on the actions of a mass society in Pakistan. Christians should no longer see as pariahs or people who are unworthy of normal human relationships. It is often so perceive Christians and other minorities.

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