Assumption Cathedral of Smolensk transferred to the ownership of the Church


July 3, 2018 the Metropolitan of Smolensk and Dorogobuzh, Isidor and head of the Interregional territorial Department of Russian property Fund in the Kaluga, Bryansk and Smolensk regions Bukhteev V. Yu signed an agreement on the transfer of the Dormition Cathedral of Smolensk to the Smolensk diocese property, according to patriarhiei. The signing of the document took part the Deputy head of the Agency S. M. Anoprienko.

The ceremony was held in the Throne hall of the Archbishop’s chambers. The signing took place in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of transport of the Federal property management Agency in the Kaluga, Bryansk and Smolensk regions of 3 July 2018 n 294Р.

The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of the Smolensk region K. V. Nikonov, Secretary of the Smolensk diocese priest Vladislav Bagan, head of the diocesan Department for relations between Church and society and the media Archpriest Valery Ryabokon, head of the Protocol service of the priest Leo Garin, employees of mass media of Smolensk.

Metropolitan Isidor called the signing of the agreement a historic event, important not only for Smolensk region, but also for the entire Russian Orthodox Church.

“Today the Church returns their property on the territory of the Smolensk region and does so at the initiative of the state, with the help and support of relevant government agencies,” said Bishop.

Answering the journalists ‘ questions, Metropolitan Isidor stated that the Russian Orthodox Church in the person of the Smolensk diocese and the ruling Bishop fully responsible for the preservation of this object of cultural significance and its restoration.

“No restrictions for people interested in history and culture, will not, — said the head of Smolensk Archdiocese. — The Russian Church never let the fact that the temples were accessible to believers, and members of the cultural community, and for relevant scientific researches and studies. The Church is always ready to dialogue and cooperation in this sphere”.

Deputy head of the Agency recalled that the transfer of religious property continued since the formation of the Russian Federation. Today, the Church transferred a large number of monasteries and temples, is the example of dioceses where restored all the old temples and the construction of new.

“There is no danger in connection with the transfer of the Church of religious property in question its continued preservation,” said S. M. Anoprienko.


In turn, Metropolitan Isidor noted that the transfer of the Church of the Dormition Cathedral is an act of restoration of historical justice.

“The relevant Federal legislation does not prevent transferred to the ownership of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Cathedral or the monastery had the possibility of funding from the state to restore it. In the matter of obtaining the necessary funds from the state does not matter, whether there is a monument in the use or ownership of the Church. In both cases there is a legislative framework, suggesting the possibility of funding by the state of this monument. For us, Smolyan, it is obvious that the restoration of the Smolensk Cathedral (and its restoration is not yet complete in full), will be continued”, — concluded the Metropolitan Isidore.

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