At Butovo will pass the action devoted to Day of memory of victims of political repression


30 Oct 2018 Parish Church of the new Martyrs and Confessors in Butovo Memorial center “Butovo” with the support of the Mayor of Moscow will hold the annual event “Voice of Memory” at Butovo, on the Day of memory of victims of political repression.

At 10.00 in the stone Church of the Holy new Martyrs and Confessors of Russia in Butovo will be made a memorial service, after which, at 10.30 the event will continue at the site of the graves, where will be read the names of those killed in Butovo in accordance with the “hit list” of the NKVD, the days of the bringing of sentences. Everyone will be able to lay flowers and place candles at the mound of the burial ditches. The reading of the names will be in front of the memorial “Garden of memory”, open 27 September 2017 All guests and participants of the action planned to drink hot tea. Presumably the reading will last until 18.30.

30 October, our country celebrates the Day of memory of victims of political repression. On this day, all who cherish the memory of the hundreds of thousands of victims, will be able to participate in the reading of the names of those shot at Butovo, the NKVD. The event will be attended by the relatives of the victims, representatives of various religious communities of Moscow, public organizations, workers of art and science. At the Butovo range will come to those who cherish the memory of the victims in the years of mass terror unleashed by the leadership of the Bolshevik party against the Russian population in 1937-1938, those who believe the duty of my conscience to preserve the memory of our compatriots killed in result of a godless and inhuman policy.

Former shooting range of the NKVD in Butovo is well known as one of the places of mass executions and burials of victims of political repressions of the Soviet era. Only during the “Great terror”, from August 1937 to October 1938, here was shot 20 762 people – mostly residents of Moscow and Moscow region, people of different nationalities, religions and political beliefs. Therefore, it is important here, silent graves, to bear testimony of our memory.

The coordinators of the action:

  • Media: Gar Igor, +79165929101, [email protected]
  • Volunteer support: Maxim Kuchinsky G. +79161625337. We would appreciate any kind of volunteer assistance in the preparation and conduct of the event.

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