At Fanar are concerned about the destruction of the environment

Environmental initiatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate served as a stimulus for theology, believe in the Phanar

Environmental initiatives of the Patriarchate of Constantinople served as a stimulus for theology, believe in the Phanar.

The Patriarchate of Constantinople was the inspirer and initiator of various events that have brought rich results and revealed the spiritual and ecological potential of the Orthodox tradition. This is stated on the page of the Church of Constantinople in Facebook.

“The environmental initiatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate served as a stimulus for theology, revealing the ecological principles of Christian anthropology and cosmology, and have demonstrated that no prospects relative to the path of human history have no value if they do not embody the aspirations of a world which functioned like a real “house” (ikos) for mankind; especially in our time when ever increasing threat to the natural environment fraught with the possibility of worldwide environmental catastrophe,” write in the Phanar.

In the Church of Constantinople emphasize that “environmental destruction in our time due to the neglect of man to nature and exploitative approach to it, as well as with the ideals of eudemonism – “acquire more” as the main setting in life. How it is a mistake to believe that in the past everything was better, just as it is absurd to close your eyes to what is happening today.”

“The future does not belong to the person who is constantly looking for ways to plaidinum and new pleasures, who live for themselves, ignoring the middle in outrageous profligacy and criminal exploitation of the weak. The future belongs to righteousness and love, of culture, of belonging, solidarity and respect for sovereignty of creation”, – explained in the Constantinople Patriarchate.

On the first Sunday of September, the Church celebrates the rite moleben on the preservation of God’s creation. Provisions of the environmental theology of Orthodoxy are formulated in a number of fundamental Church documents. Approved in the summer of 2014 the rite of the prayer are about saving God’s creatures, prayer is an expression of this theology.

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