At St. Tikhon’s University celebrated the 180th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Russia


Musical and poetic evening “One of the Serbia native has remained true to the end” took place in historical, cultural and educational center of the announce of the “Cathedral of Commerce”. In the event dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Serbia and Russia, took part the Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Serbia to Russia slavenko Terzic, artists, laureates of international competitions, authors of sacred music and poetry, as well as faculty and students from St. Tikhon’s University.

With a welcome speech by Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Serbia to Russia slavenko Terzic. “We are under the roof of the famous Orthodox University, and I want to say that the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Russian Orthodox Church has always been the Foundation of our relationship. Official diplomatic relations between Russia and Serbia was established 180 years ago, but our two peoples are warm and deep relationship over the centuries”, – he stressed.

During the evening sounded poems of the Russian poet of the XX century Sergei behteev. Works on Russia and Serbia, of the Orthodox faith and love of country was performed by honored artist of Russia Alexander Turcan, laureate of international contests pianist Alexey Voronkov and singer-songwriter of spiritual music and poetry Maria Sugreeva.

According to the head of the club “pstgu – Serbia” Alina Solovieva, Russian and Serbs unites a lot – common roots, the proximity of the Slavic languages, the intertwining of historical destinies. “The Serbs have always appreciated the enormous contribution of the Russian emigration in the development of their culture. So we turned to the work of the famous Russian poet Sergei behteev, emigrant of the first wave, a graduate of the Tsarskoye Selo the Alexander Lyceum, an officer of the White Army, the St. George cross, who lived and worked in Serbia for nine years,” she added.

The event was organized by the Russian-Serbian club at the University “pstgu – Serbia”. The club exists at St. Tikhon’s University in 2014. During this time, in close cooperation with the Belgrade University organized a number of lively and productive meetings, memorable special atmosphere of mutual interest and acceptance.

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