At St. Tikhon’s University will host a conference “the Monarch and the monarchy”

From 14 to 16 November in the Main building of St. Tikhon’s University (lichov pereulok, 6, building 1) will host the international scientific conference “the Monarch and the monarchy: the 150th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Nicholas II and the 100th anniversary of the Czar’s family”.

Brief summary of the conference

During the reign of the Russian Emperor Nicholas II is a unique from different points of view, the phenomenon of Russian state, public and Church history. This period was marked as significant for the history of the Russian state events and phenomena, as an active economic growth and development, and socio-political contradictions and the revolutionary movement that led to the revolution of 1905-1907 and the February revolution of 1917, the Russo-Japanese and First world war, the movement for reform in Church administration, the establishment in 1906 of the pre-Council presence and in 1912 the pre-Council meeting. Due to their special significance for the Russian history of this period is St. Tikhon’s Orthodox humanitarian University with the participation of magazine “Historian” is organizing a conference whose main aim is the understanding of historical events and the role of the individual pulse. Nicholas II in these events. As for the Russian religious thought of the XVIII–XX centuries, as well as for Church and world history and the most important is the phenomenon of the monarchy, several sessions of the conference will be devoted to discussion and this topic.

Conference languages: Russian, English, French, Italian.

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14 Nov, 10:00-13:30, congregational house

SECTION 1. Emperor Nicholas II and the Russian society
14 November, 14:00-18:30, congregational house

SECTION 2. The image of a ruler and the idea of monarchy in early Christian and medieval tradition
14 Nov, 14:00-20:00, room 101

SECTION 3. Emperor Nicholas II, Russo-Japanese and First world war and the revolutionary movement in Russia
15 November, 10:00-13:00, Cathedral chamber

SECTION 4. Images of the monarchy in social and historical thought in Russia in XVIII–XX centuries
15 November, 10:00-14:00, room 101

SECTION 5. The idea of the monarchy in Russian theology of the XVIII–XX centuries.
15 November, 14:30-17:30, auditorium 101

SECTION 6. Emperor Nicholas II and the Russian Orthodox Church
November 16, 10:00-13:00, room 101

SECTION 7. Emperor Nicholas II, the revolution of 1917 and the procession of the Royal family.On the way to canonization.
On 16 November, 14.00-17.00, auditorium 101

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The organizing Committee of the conference

  • Prot. George Orekhanov, d-R ist. Sciences, Dr. of Church history, rector of St. Tikhon’s University for international work. Chairman of the organizing Committee.
  • Prot. Paul Hondzinsky, PhD. of theology, Dr. of divinity, Dean of the theological Department of pstgu.
  • Prot. Alexey Emelyanov, head of the Department of biblical studies of the faculty of theology of St. Tikhon’s University.
  • Jer. Alexander Mazyrin, PhD. ist. Sciences, Dr. of Church history, Deputy head of the scientific Department of the newest history of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Tikhon’s University.
  • Anashkin Anton Vladimirovich, Cand. filol. Sciences, Deputy Dean on scientific work of the theological Department of pstgu. Responsible Secretary of the organizing Committee.
  • Bejanidze, George Veniaminovich, Cand. theology, Deputy head of the Department of General and Russian Church history and Canon law of the theological Department of pstgu.
  • Zakharov, George E., PhD. ist. Sciences, head of the Department of systematic theology and Patrology of the theological faculty of St. Tikhon’s University.
  • Rudakov Vladimir Nikolaevich, Cand. filol. Sciences, chief editor of magazine “Historian”.
  • Sukhova, Nataliya Yu., Dr. East. Sciences, Dr. of Church history, Director, center for the history of theology and theological education.
  • Tsygankov Dmitry Andreevich, Cand. ist. Sciences, head of the Department of Russian history of historical faculty of St. Tikhon’s University.

The conference venue

The theological faculty of St. Tikhon’s University: Moscow, Likhov lane., D. 6, p. 1. m. “Color Parkway”

On all issues please contact the responsible Secretary of the organizing Committee
Anashkino Anton Vladimirovich e-mail: [email protected] T. 8(495) 114-50-71

PLEASE NOTE: the entrance to the building is required to have a passport.

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