At St. Tikhon’s University will host a presentation of the book by Galina Ananyina “Under the mighty intercession”


Historical, cultural and educational center of St. Tikhon’s University “Cathedral chamber” invites to the presentation of the book by Galina Ananyina “Under the mighty Intercession. The history of public worship”. The presentation will take place in day of memory of Patriarch Alexy II, whose name is connected with the second acquisition of the Reigning icon of Mother of God, and will be timed to the 10th anniversary of his death.

The miraculous icon of the Mother of God, went down in history with the name “dominant” has a special significance for believers. Her miraculous discovery in 1917, the people’s sincere reverence throughout the XX century became for the Russian Church a century of unprecedented trials, connected with the deepest hope – hope for salvation and rebirth of Russia.

In the book Galina Ananyina reflects the 100 year history of the Derzhavnaya icon of the Mother of God (1917-2017 years): first and second finding, the celebration of the 90th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of its discovery, as well as the 100th anniversary of the local Council and the restoration of the Patriarchate in Russia. The publication includes archival documents, photo materials, memoirs, the online materials of the ROC and ROCOR.

The presentation will take place in the main building at St. Tikhon’s Orthodox University, in the Cathedral chamber is a unique historical hall, where in 1917-1918 national Council was held, and in the summer of 1918 was created the Union of Orthodox women. 5 Dec 2018. at 19.00

The meeting will be attended by the clergy, public figures and scientists, those who all these years have honored and glorified the icon “Sovereign”, was her sacred processions, and built churches and chapels in her honour and prayed for the preservation of the Russian state.

Waiting for our guests on 5 December 2018. at 19.00 at the address Likhov lane., D. 6

Those wishing to participate in the meeting are invited to register at:

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