At the festival “Faith and word” and discussed the work of the Church in social networks


Panel discussion “the Mission of social media” was the first area VIII festival of Orthodox media “Faith and word”, opened on the 29th October 2018 in suburban boarding house “Klyazma”, according to patriarhiei.

On the main stage brought together experts — the authors and moderators of the most active and successful Orthodox accounts in social networks. All of them, as noted, opening the discussion, moderator, presenter of the TV channel “Spas” Elena Goal, is a good example of how the Orthodox content can now be claimed by audience social media, including in the absence of a budget for promotion.

The priest Pavel Ostrovsky, rector of the Moscow Church of St. Nicholas in Pavshinsky the floodplain and the most popular priest-blogger, spoke about their work experiences with the audience, about the sense of responsibility to the virtual “congregation”, which should accompany every priest leading a personal blog.

Natalia Moskvitina, head of the Foundation “Women for life”, told how two years of work in social networks and her colleagues managed to gather a network of more than three thousand volunteers across all regions, every day online help women, decided to abandon the abortion.

Successful experience sotssetevyh of the Pyatigorsk and Circassian diocese shared her press Secretary Archpriest Mikhail Samokhin. According to him, activities of the diocese has long gone beyond the region and acquires the international character of the sermons of the Bishop translated into English by Orthodox volunteers in India.

The head of the press service of the Arkhangelsk diocese Mikhail Nasonov and chief editor of “Foma in Ukraine” Protodeacon Alexander Karpenko spoke about the experience on social media in situations of conflict, the rules an adequate response to anti-clerical opponents, as well as the importance of lighting in interesting regional blogs of important events and personalities of the local scale.

Entrepreneur, founder of a farmers ‘ cooperative “LavkaLavka” Boris Akimov told how journalistic experience and, in particular, active work in social networks has helped him in developing his own business. According to him, the most important and expected by the audience from the Orthodox bloggers — is sincerity and honesty.

Experience in social networks also shared Director of Internet-projects Mikhail Volchkov, press Secretary of the Yakutsk diocese the nun Eugenia (Senchukova), chief information officer of the Youth Department of the Moscow diocese Maxim Sokolov, representatives of editorial staff of magazine “Foma”.

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