At the III International Orthodox youth forum will be held free workshops for 40 areas


After three weeks, August 23, will be held the III international Orthodox youth forum. In pavilion No. 75, VDNKH will unfold a huge educational space, where you can try your hand at different professions and crafts, sports and the arts. Visitors will find about 200 hours of exciting and absolutely free (!) – master classes in 40 areas. We invite everyone to classes on journalism and the maintenance of social networks, creation of comics and tactile paintings, dances, singing, calligraphy and more.

At the III International Orthodox youth forum will present more than 50 promising youth projects in various fields – from digital technology and architecture to agriculture and sports. Their creators will share with the youth their experiences and conduct educational workshops that will allow you to obtain new skills, pick a career or to get inspiration for your own startup!

2018 was announced in Uzbekistan as the year of the volunteer. Therefore, special attention is paid to the volunteer programs. Volunteers of the project “We live in a world” will teach guests how to create special tactile technology, intended for blind people so they too were able to enjoy the painting. On support for hearing impaired participants of the project “See sense”. Its goal is to explain the language of cinema, the meaning of the biblical stories.

For craft workshops, the Forum welcomed prominent artists and artisans. A unique master class on the creation of the blade is a traditional wooden cover domes – will host the volunteers of the project “Common cause. The revival of wooden churches of the North.” In addition, classes will be held at the icon-painting, mosaic, fresco. The basics of Church Slavonic calligraphy will be taught by experts from the Moscow state pedagogical University and seminaries. At the same time they will give lectures about the evolution of Slavic writing from the time of Cyril and Methodius.

To prepare for the Candlemas ball (he conducted before the revolution, and now, this beautiful tradition being revived) lessons from professional choreographers. They will teach everyone ballroom dancing, etiquette, talk about appropriate clothes and hairstyles.

Those who are interested in vocal art, we invite to the workshops of the Youth of the Synodal choir. This young professional the band has performed at the State Kremlin Palace, in a Hall of Church cathedrals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, went on tour to Austria, Italy and Bulgaria.

Farms are being revived now all over Russia. Want to learn how to prepare delicious and natural cheese, cottage cheese or yogurt? Take part in gastronomic workshops, including from the famous farms of John Kopiski. Moscow confectioners from the draft “Letter of taste” will present its recently patented technology: hollow rolls, which are in the process of sculpting is applied to the letters of the Church Slavonic alphabet. Bake them and fill with your favorite fillings will be able to attend!

Interested in journalism? You should come to the intensive course school of the young journalist at Krutitsy. Each student will make their own video about the Forum, mount it and present to other participants.

The Orthodox authors of the popular Instagram account @vslov will share their experience – how to make your blog interesting for thousands of subscribers. Want to develop a unique, individual style, learn about the most important principles of selection of photo and video content? Sure, on the Forum you will discover a lot of useful life hacks!

III international Orthodox youth forum is organized by the Synodal Department for youth Affairs of Russian Orthodox Church together with the Moscow Government.

Admission is free. Visitors need to pre-register on the official website


International Orthodox youth forum will be held for the third time. This year it will be held on 23 August at the pavilion 75 VDNH. Guests of the Forum will meet with Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill and presentation 50 promising youth projects in various fields: agriculture, volunteer activities, traditional crafts, high technology, culture and sports. The best of them will be awarded grants of the Patriarch and the Mayor for further development.

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