“At the solemn meeting we stood and loudly, in unison, cried”

In publishing house “Eksmo” published a book by George Gingo “my name is gosh. The story of the orphan,” which he co-wrote with her foster mom, Diana Mashkovoi. “Pravmir” publishes an excerpt on how took place on 1 September at the orphanage.

George Gingo

  • The children’s home. Personal experience
  • They came to school and said, “You’re coming to the orphanage”
  • “The hell you took me from the orphanage”
  • Life in the orphanage. I survived

But doscale came to an end. In the summer, before camp, I gathered a Commission to determine who among us will learn in a normal school in our orphanage, and who will go to another children’s home, correctional.

Diana Mashkova and gosh

Of course, we didn’t say that. Just gathered all the neighborhood group and called for 2-3 people to test. Syllable what we read. The figures drew special. In a notebook there is something filled.

And the results, after we came back from summer camp, we have 1 September were divided into two groups. The first group arrived, another bus from another orphanage. They dressed in new uniforms, gave them school bags and loaded the bus. So they went to a new life. I don’t remember they were warned about it. And the rest, also in the new school uniform and with school bags, went to the Junior school building.

I only then, in third grade, I learned from my teacher that I, too, wanted to send in a correctional orphanage. Scared retroactively scary. Have seen a couple of times their old buddies, which corrections was taken they have completely changed, turned from regular kids into a sluggish old men with blunt faces. But I was saved by our psychiatrist, Anna Anatolievna. She said, “I see something that has potential, let him go to regular school”. And then I have caregivers for her, just that were sent with the words: “would you korrekcionno took”.

And here September 1, we lined up in pairs and went. All of our toys, clothes – all were in the preschool building. Pants, shorts, shirts, favorite toys went to the following generations of orphans. A we were allowed to take only such new portfolio, which gave us on the 1st of September. It was a pencil case, notebooks, pens – what you need for school. All of us dressed in new school uniform – a holiday, ceremonial dress, and in this new, yet strange to me clothes, a new backpack I walked in formation across the road to a new life.

It was so scary! Already his knees were shaking. I understand – there will be something else entirely. All educators, to which we are accustomed, which he loved, but already knew in the past. And I’m stuck with a nurse all called, and then again, everything is different, everything new. Just awful! And most importantly, do not know why? Why it was necessary for him to separate me from the people I used to?

Our afternoon teachers it was hard for me to lose. A lot of pain. Natalia, Nina Alexandrovna, Larisa and Tatyana are the dearest people to me. And even with them we never had any goodbyes or anything. We just put all new and taken to an unknown life.

While walking, we still didn’t understand. But when he came in a huge unfamiliar building – there is a Junior school building, and senior and between them and the more training, began to cry.

On the official line we were standing and loudly, in unison, cried. Was in tears and snot. And we are there about the holiday, damn it, about the Day of knowledge.

We saw a giant crowd of children, they were all older than us head – on into two, and then three above. Stood around others adults whom we have not met even once in my life. Different atmosphere, different sounds, different smell.

I cried and thought I really want to go back to your old body. Where I was good. And here I cry and the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, the speakers pronounce a solemn speech, someone says: “Here are our first graders, our future, our hope.” A lot of unnecessary, extra words. It is better to be reassured somehow.

After the line, not stepping into her new room, we went to class. There we met our first teacher – Valentina Dodonova. Holy man. I then loved. She was already old, gray hair are wavy, wrinkled face. And she limp – walked around the classroom, swaying like a sailor. She then does a little finger, or big toe removed. And her teeth not all their was, sometimes silver stood there, and somewhere gold. But she was a teacher with the experience, the teacher of the year. Though strict, but kind.

And here we go to class – desks, chairs, all strange. See, on the edge of their desks are Popsicles. Even here we awake, we a little calmed down and the sobbing ceased. Just for the lollipops and watched. Us Valentina very kindly invited, said, “Where want, there and sit down.” Of course, we immediately sat down at the desks on which lay the Lollipop. Sit happy, suck lollipops. Finally came to himself and began to look around.

We in the class was seven people. Five people my friends, buddies, and two more were added – Sasha and Egor. The second group came. And from “old” – I Timik, Nikita, Maksim and Dima. I was glad Nikita with Timecom! We were together again. And Dima already well-communicated, with Maxim too.

Maxim in first class very quickly started to read and then constantly read, read, read. About space, about dinosaurs, about history, about everything that catches my eye. And we sit, play some electronic toys, pokemon, something else. Maxim all with books, Yes books, to play you have to shout. We: “Hey Maxim, come play with us!”, and he said, “No, guys, later.” It’s still in elementary school took the family.

And we have, as usual, there was one girl in the whole group, that is, to the whole class – Sasha. We’ve met before, in the preschool room, in the dining room, but on 1 September they met. When a class is presented.

– Children, let’s get acquainted, – said the teacher – I’m Valentina, and looked at me – what’s your name?

– I Am Gregory.

– And you? she looked at Sasha.

– Sa-a-Asha.

And got to know each other.

And after this we were taken to the dormitory where we met a new teacher Sofya Nikolaevna. And we immediately realized that it was a beast. We stand in front of her, suck on those huge Lollipop that Valentina Ivanovna in class – they either blueberry was, whether with the taste of Coca-Cola – just all calmed down, wiped tears.

And pitelka something tells us says, is crucified: “This is your new bedroom, it’s a group, it’s your tables, here we will spend most of the time.”

And then suddenly rushed to Timika and as will shout: “Stop sucking!!! Give it here!”, grabbed the Lollipop and threw it straight in the bin.

That’s what?! Nekit then a friend gave Timico your Lollipop. But we all immediately curled into a ball, again almost crying. And show us the bedrooms, new clothes and overalls for walks. Red such.

We walked through all the rooms. In one room there were four beds put in there, boys. In the other room slept in the end, only one of Sasha, though there are two beds there. And in the third bedroom there are two beds stood, there slept two people.

I then in all three rooms I visited some sleep here and there. But first my room was the nearest to the group, where two beds, and it turned out to be the dumb room. When was the end and pitelka left in the group, they heard everything going on in our bedroom. Even if talked in whispers, almost screamed at me: “Gungu, shut your mouth!” But it was your interest – you as a should pitelka anger. Type it comes, we sleep. And once out – let’s just get back to bed to ride and talk. Here it is midnight and runs here and there.

And we have in the wall was a hole that led into the room Sasha. And we always talked. First, though, didn’t realize it was a hole – it was filled with some old magazines. And when we have these magazines, comics, politicial, he saw that there was a hole in the girls ‘ room. And immediately thought: “Class, you can talk”. Until the end of the third grade through the hole at night and talked. With Sasha we are very good friends, I really thought of her as a sister. She’s a cool girl.

By the way, what kind of beast as our new pitelka, but she noticed somewhere in the middle of the first class, a mistake on my behalf. Came to me and said:

– Your name is gosh.


– You have a different name. No you’re not Grisha. And Gosh. George. Remember?

“Yeah,” so gosh gosh.

– Now repeat! What’s your name?

My name is gosh.

– Well done!

I quickly regrouped. What gosh, Grisha, what’s the difference? But the kids were still confused, the old memory me Grisha was called. And Sofya Nikolayevna them without end corrected.

– Gregory, and gosh.

– Oh!

– Now all together – she was forced to learn my name as a verse – Go-Sha! Go-Sha!

So gradually remembered. I was gosh Ginjo.

But back to 1 September. After the tour we were taken to some event, where he collected almost all the orphans of Moscow. We’re not even dressed – and went in a new form, which pulled in the morning. I really don’t remember where the event took place. But there was set to have huge tables at the entrance and all were greeted by clowns on stilts.

There we had fun, played, ate different Goodies for the rest of my life. In the orphanage, then your diet, there are no surprises. Thursday fish, Tuesday – be sure to beet, Wednesday – mashed potatoes, and so on. Every day of the week repeating menu, which we knew by heart. Soreness of the mouth on the teeth. Week after week the same. Only if a holiday, graduation, for example, it might be fried potatoes.

And at this event we gave delicious salads and cakes, and candies. That just was not there. So we ate it. Then came back to the orphanage, dressed, still a little wander through their group, looked around and went to bed. And the next day began the usual routine.

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