Athos appointed a new civil Governor


The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece, the new civil Governor of mount Athos has appointed Mr. Kostas Dimas – the website

August 13, 2018 in the administrative center of mount Athos, the city of Carei, at the Cathedral Church of the Protaton, was held the official inauguration of the new Governor, which was attended by the Archpriest and the members of the Holy Kinot of mount Athos, representing all 20 of the Svyatogorsk monastery. Solemnly welcomed by the members of the Holy Kinot, the newly appointed Governor to their escorts followed in the temple of the Protaton, where he venerated stored here the miraculous icon of the Mother of God “Adequately is”.

In his speech, Costas Dimas assured that in his face Svyatogorsk brotherhood will have its Ambassador to the Greek state, in order to respect the interests and to convey to the government of Greece the true voice of the Holy mountain. He also stressed that it will comply with the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople on Holy Mount Athos, expressing their respect and love to his Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople as the ruling Bishop of the Holy Mountain.

The new Governor of mount Athos in the past worked as a journalist, and since 2010 – General Director of Charity organization “Apostoli” of the Archdiocese of Athens of the Greek Orthodox Church and was the personal adviser to the Archbishop of Athens and all Greece Hieronymus II. According to the Greek media, the candidate Kostas Dimas was proposed by the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, which maintains friendly relations with the Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church blessed the new appointment. The latter played a decisive role in the choice in favor of Mr. Dimas.

In the post civil Governor of mount Athos Costas Dimas was replaced by Mr. Aristos Kameroglu, who had held the post for the past 8 years, and before that over 10 years he held the position of Deputy Governor of mount Athos. Only on mount Athos Aristos Kameroglu he worked for 22 years.

During the inauguration of the new Governor of mount Athos Costas Dimas expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Aristos Kameroglu for many years of work and successful work.

In the inauguration of the new civil Governor, in addition to the members of the Holy Kinot and representatives of the Athonite monasteries took part representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece, Supreme court, chamber of Commerce, security services and other governmental organizations of Greece.


As reported by Greek media, assumed office of the civil Governor of mount Athos Costas Dimas will retain the position of head of the Church charity organization “Apostoli”, working under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox Church charity projects assisting the poor and refugees, as well as in education, medicine, and ecology.

The civil Governor of mount Athos, according to current Greek law, an employee of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Greece and is the administrative center of Athos on the city of Carei (Caries), where is his office and administration. He is authorized to represent the interests of the Greek state on mount Athos, an Autonomous monastic Republic within Greece, to monitor compliance with current legislation and the Charter (Constitution) of the Holy Mountain, as well as issues of the rule of law and security (in particular, he submits to the police and a number of other services).

International Institute of the Athonite heritage congratulates Mr. Kostas Dimas with such a responsible appointment and wished him God’s help in their labors for the good of the brotherhood and the Svyatogorsk monasteries of mount Athos.

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