Athos opposed the renaming of the neighboring country in Northern Macedonia

The Athonite monastery of Esphigmenou

On mount Athos believe the recognition of the Greek government the new name Skopje “betrayal of national consciousness of the Greeks”.

The monasteries of mount Athos condemned the Greek government for the recognition of the new name of Macedonia, according to the

The monasteries of mount Athos issued a special statement condemning the position of the Greek authorities to recognize the official renaming of FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) in the “North Macedonia”.

“The Holy Community of mount Athos is with great sadness and sorrow at the message on the joint signing of an Agreement on the name of the neighboring country, Skopje – results “Week” the text of the official document. – Of course, we Christians should make every effort to strive for unity of all the Orthodox, freedom from splits, to achieve peace and to avoid pockets of bigotry and religious and ethnic hatred. In addition, it is desirable to permit the continued problem name of the state of Skopje and the full restoration of relations, moreover, for the reason that the Holy Mountain is being visited by many pilgrims from neighboring countries who find peace for the soul in an atmosphere of genuine spiritual unity and love. However, it is unacceptable that in the name of good purposes above-mentioned resolution of this major national problems was carried out using improvised, non-transparent and hasty procedures, taking positions that are contrary to scientific truth, historical reality and memory, so that it offends the national conscience of the Greek people”.

Athos monks stressed that cannot accept the fact that Macedonian identity is assigned and tongue, and people, which has nothing to do with the ancient Macedonian Greek dialect and Greek origin of ancient Macedonians.

“Mount Athos, as an invaluable spiritual and historical center of Macedonia and of our country, where from the time of its formation coexist peacefully Orthodox different languages and national origin, says a contempt for history and truth, and a betrayal of the national consciousness of Hellenism, the recognition of the Macedonian language and ethnicity from the Greek state,” the statement reads.

In June this year, Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras reached agreement about the name of the Republic. Zaev stressed that after the signing of the Treaty between the two countries of Macedonia will be called “Republic of Northern Macedonia”.

Against such a step repeatedly called the Holy Synod of the Greek Church, and many Church and public figures.

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