Became known new details about abducted in 2014, the girls from the Nigerian town of Chibok. Why the man who was supposed to protect them probably knew about the impending attack?

It’s been a painful 26 months since then, how terrorists “Boko Haram” kidnapped from school in Nigeria about three hundred girls. Only some of them managed to escape, but even two years later, still unanswered questions about the whereabouts and the fate of other girls.

Recently, a grieving mother of one of the abducted girls made the shocking statement that a school administrator could know about the planned attack.

“We heard shots at night. All cried out, fled in all directions, trying to find somewhere to hide. My husband said, “Let’s go”, but I replied that I was not going anywhere because my child is in school. Then he said, “With them, nothing will happen. There are security guards there,” says Mary.

But the next day they saw that the school burned down, and the girls gone. Mary saw her daughter in the first video posted by the terrorists, but since then nothing more about it heard. Last month managed to escape one girl who said that he survived all the high school girls but six. Half of the force was married.

“We want the authorities to exert more efforts to rescue the girls,” says Mary. She explains, suspects that local officials knew about the kidnapping. According to her and other residents, due to the security situation, the boarding school was closed in the weeks before the attack. But then the Director suddenly called the girls to school for the exams. Mary says that neither the Director nor her two daughters were not in school during the attack, Boko Haram, was captured none of the teachers, administration officials and their children.

“She had a hand in this. She knew everything,” — says Mary.

Mother of kidnapped Schoolgirls also sure that the Governor expressed his support for terrorists, awarding the headmistress after the attack: “I understand that he is their sponsor. If he wasn’t their sponsor, he would have fought terrorism in the North-East. But it supports terrorism in the North-East,” she says.

Mary continues to trust in God that her daughter will return home, and asks foreign governments to participate in the search for and rescue the remaining girls.

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